Flaybor Day

  • Workout Date - 09/07/2015
  • Q In Charge - Flay
  • The PAX - Hooch, Iceman, Lite Brite, Earthmover, Johnny 5, Phil Dunphy, GCOD, Double Windsor, Carl's Jr, Beverly Hill Ninja (WB), Punch Out, Pledge, Garth Bieber, Thumper, Hulk Smash, Whisper, San Diago, Walrus (WD), Pretty Lovin' Guy
  • AO -

Well, the unofficial end of summer is upon us, gents. College football is back (Hallelujah), kids are back in school/on schedule (double Hallelujah), and the temperature’s slowly but surely coming down from the surface of the sun levels we attained back in, oh, May (triple Hallelujah).

Oh, and Labor Day has come. Not long before the leaves start falling and we start seeing ads for Pumpkin Spice Everything. Let’s have a convergence at the Main Thang for those few rabbits who weren’t safely ensconced at the lake.

20 weirdos showed up for Flaybor Day. Here’s what went down.

Warm Up

10 x 5 (10 burpees/minute for five minutes)

At which point, Ice commences his moaning and groaning about BRR training getting in the way of bootcamp fitness blahblahblah. PAX would get used to it, as it would last the entirety of the workout.)

Pledge LIFOs for the last set of burpee. The 40x difference will be assessed on the BRR course, I’m told.


Mosey up to the Stairway to Heaven (Grace Church Downtown)


Round 1: hand release merkins at the bottom of the stairs and fairyjacks at the top #HootieInspired

Round 2: 4 ct plank shoulder touches at the bottom and big boy situps at the top

Early finishers take a lap around the parking deck

Still got some stragglers

Angry Flutters x 20 IC (“Flay, don’t Q angry.” —Ice)

Mosey down to the Amphitheater

Freddie Mercury x 20 IC led by Ice while the PAX regroup

Partner up

Joe Hendrix II

Each partner completes 10 reps



Circle up at the top of the amphitheather

Jack Webb Pyramid

Up to 5 merkins/20 presses and back down

Head back to the circle, and…wait there’s that nice stone staircase. We had no choice:

Joe Hendrix I


People’s Chair while everybody finishes/jail break to the circle


Dying cockroach x 20 IC

Rosalita x 20 IC

Dollies x 20 IC

Russian Twist x 20 IC #HootieInspired

Le ‘Skin

  • Good work by all, and big time representation from the boys out at the Pitchfork. That fire burns brightly,boys. Keep stoking it.
  • It really makes a difference to mix up the AOs every once in a while. YHC spends most of my time at TankYard/Legacy, but going back home to MainThang was a welcome change. We have tons of AOs out there and not a very big city. Try out a new place. You’ll be re-energized and you’ll see some guys you’ve never seen before
  • The age range for today was 19-55. Johnny 5 showed up and he’s still dealing with a 2 month old at home. Pledge showed up, and he’s, well, PLEDGE. Next time you get an excuse from a potential FNG that they’re too young/old or whatever, just tell them that.
  • Some guys you meet and you wonder how they got their nickname. Walrus is not one of those guys. That mustache is nothing short of glorious
  • Prayers for Whisper’s wife’s mentor, Lydia as she nears the finish line of a life well-lived
  • Prayers for the BRR runners heading out this weekend. Let’s have zero Dollywoods this year, boys
  • Prayers for Lilly Mueller. YHC got a little emotional telling her story, but it needed to be told. Cancer sucks, but seeing someone so young and innocent cut down really hits hard. Apologies for the blubbering, but thanks to all the guys who reached out after to show support. Was much needed.

Pax Propter Vim.

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  1. Very sorry to hear of this little girl’s plight, Flay. Life is truly fragile and precious, and these things are hard to understand sometimes. All involved will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    And don’t ever apology for tears, they only show how much you care. You are a goodhearted person, and my experience is such people are not stoic in these situations.

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