First Whoopee Q – Market Madness

  • Workout Date - 11/07/2015
  • Q In Charge - Whoopee
  • The PAX - Gutshot, Youkilis, Flowrider, Whoopee (YHC)
  • AO -

4 Pax avoided the fartsack temptation to revel in the rain on a glorious, wet Saturday morning.


The ubiquitous SSH x 20 something

IW x 20 (Q really showed his inexperience by screwing up the cadence here; much mumblechatter and correction from Gutshot)

Mosey 20 yards to the corner of the parking lot

The Thang:

Pick a partner and plank up; perform pattycake merkins x 10; then pax 1 stays in plank while pax 2 takes a lap (about 1/5 mile); when pax 2 gets back assume plank and pattycake merkin x 9; then pax 1 runs, rinse and repeat till everyone has done 5 laps.

Train came through somewhere near the last lap, which at Market Madness means drop and give Norfolk Southern some burpee respect times 10!

Pax were skeptical of the whole patty cake merkin/plank/run thang at first, but decided it was indeed sucktastic by the 10th lap.

Next, mosey over to amphitheater stage for pax’s wall chair for 1 min, followed by flutterkicks x 20 something (thank you Q for having us do flutterkicks in the puddles!  Why, you are quite welcome!), followed by squats x 20 something.  Rinse and repeat two more times with some one legged pax wall chair thrown in for variety and squats replaced by monkee humpers on the last round.

Everyone is feeling good now, so mosey over to the courtyard for ELEVENS (1/10, 2/9, etc the two exercises are WW1 situps in the courtyard and horizontal chest pulls at a conveniently placed railing around the corner from the courtyard)!  Nice little 1/2 city block course with some stairs near the courtyard, so we are going to run between the 11’s exercises and Joe Hendricks up the stairs as we make the laps.  After first two laps with Joe Hendricks, I audible that we will only Joe again on lap 5 and lap 10 to keep everyone from losing their front teeth.

After Joe Hendrick’ing up the steps on the last rep, we still have time for 3 MOM, pax’s choice.  Gutshot calls “Morning wood choppers (sic?)” which are insanely hard for us tall folks (or maybe just for YHC?)Think there were also some reverse crunches and maybe flutters as well.


Powderkeg/Market Madness is representing with two teams at Hope Relay 11/14.  See you there.

Toys for Tots Convergence 11/19 at the old BI-LO center.


Lady at Brownshort’s church with surgery complications/internal infection – continue to pray for recovery and her family.




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