First TOT Friday of 2020

  • Workout Date - 01/10/2020
  • Q In Charge - Priscilla
  • The PAX - Cockpit, Rasheed Wallace, No Show, Sprinkles
  • AO - Tower of Terror

New Year New You 2020

First Shot at a Friday workout at TOT. So we did some New Year’s resolutions.  20 rounds of 2 minutes with 20 seconds in between.

Conditions: a toasty 46 degrees for those in attendance. No Show shed all outer garments within minutes.

Mission: as always, nailed it.

Disclaimer: definitely not a professional, also not a good judge of timing either…

Warmup: SSH X20 mosey to get the coupons.

The Thang: 20 rounds of 2:00 each with a 20 second break. Turns out 2:00 is a LONG time. Use coupons when possible.


big boys


run/jump rope




run/jump rope

over head press


jump squats

run/jump rope

tricep extensions

american hammers

bonnie Blair’s

Run/jump rope (this is how far we got…)


in and outs


Jump rope

mary: did not make an appearance


prayers: No Show’s kid has a surgery coming up and challenges with school. Sprinkle’s daughter going on youth retreat. Apparently you only get bread and cheese for lunch? At least grill it…

All PAX (wether they know it or not) agreed to post 150x in 2020. Let’s do it.

SYITG…  Priscilla.

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