First Rule of Run Club

  • Workout Date - 02/20/2017
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX - LOB, Mint Julip, Road Trip, NYOPT, Bambi, Benign, Cocoon, Pet Stain, Soccer Mom, Short Barrel, YHC
  • AO -

YoLeven TOT Weirdos started their week right under clear skies and 44 deg temps. Unfortunately, YHC encountered Dora over the weekend and discovered with the recent TOT activity she has felt ignored, neglected, and down right angry. The source of her ire? In recent weeks, TOT has assumed the flavor of a Running Club with the upcoming P200 and Whisper 13.1. Dora fears if the Weirdos continue this path the mumble chatter will be limited to discussion around leg turnover, 800 splits, and where to shop for silky floral pattern running shorts with a 1 inch inseam. What’s the first rule of Run Club? THERE IS NO RUN CLUB!! To get the Weirdos back on the path, it was time to throw some concrete around. (Editor’s Note: YHC can neither confirm nor deny that he has taken on the persona of Dora).

F3 Mission: Nailed it.
Disclosure: YHC not even close to a professional. YHC is completely incompetent. All PAX encouraged to leave immediately. None did. You were warned.

-SSH x 15
-IW x 15
-Mosey to the church parking lot; pick up coupons en route

Thang: (Angry Dora)
-P1 runs to stop sign and back; P2 exercises; switch
-P1 & P2 accumulate the following (all with coupon):
​-50 ManMakers
​-100 Curls
​-150 Overhead Presses
​-200 Flutter Kicks
​-250 Squats
-What goes up….must come down. (YHC told you Dora was angry.)
​-200 Flutter Kicks
​-150 Overhead Presses
​-100 Curls
​-50 ManMakers
-Return coupons, head back to the flags

Only a few minutes left for Mary:
-Partner Up, 25 Leg Throw Downs

GHS Half Marathon (“Whisper 13.1”) & 5K Saturday 2/25
Swamp Fox 12 hour Adventure Race (McClellanville) Saturday 3/18
Palmetto 200 3/24 & 3/25 (drivers needed–see Bambi)
Mud Run in May

Praise/Prayer Requests:
Boss Hog’s son–surgery
LOB’s grandfather
Family of Alexis (former Hillcrest student)

Naked Moleskin:
-Mumble Chatter abounded about YHC’s forecast of “no running” as the PAX made an eternal amount of trips to the stop sign and back. It should be noted that YHC only disdains running without purpose, such as gleefully traveling from Point A to Point B just to run. The running this morning was justified as it served as a rest period from throwing around concrete.
-During the 1st round of ManMakers, YHC returned from the run to discover NYOPT had broken our coupon. Some PAX claimed foul play. It wasn’t cheating. In the famous of words President George W. Bush, it was “strategory.”
-Workout intensity must have been high as Bambi shed 3 layers and only 4 more layers remained. YHC kept a tally as Bambi passed me 57 times on the run.
-Rumor circulated that TOT’s own Third Base thought the GoRuck Heavy at Ft. Bragg was difficult. This statement was quickly discounted as an unbelievable conspiracy theory.

Proud to stand next to you, humbled to have the opportunity to lead you!


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