First Date's First Date

  • Workout Date - 04/07/2016
  • Q In Charge - First Date
  • The PAX - Sushi, The Tickler, Gymboree, Strange Brew, Phil Dunfee, Grimace, The Commodore
  • AO -

Weather (50ish) was perfect for a spring morning after a night’s rain as 8 PAX arrived at the Golden Strip for the first First Date Q. Shoutout to Sushi for helping keep things straight during the workout. 2 PAX for a 2.5 mile warmup run, as well.

-SSH x21
-Shoulder circles x10 forwards/back, OYO
The Thang:
1) Mosey to the bottom of the paved hill for a cloverleaf group workout x3 as follows:
-Run to far side of roundabout; 10 ‘Merican’s w/ 3 count holds on last set
-Run back to bottom of the hill; 5 burpees
-Run to top of hill; 20 double (maybe actually triple) count ‘Merican Hammer’s
-Run back to bottom of the hill; 5 burpees
-Run across grass to 1st light pole in the parking lot; 30 mountain climbers in cadence
-Run back to bottom of the hill; 5 burpees
-Rinse, repeat, x3
2) Run to first light pole in the main parking lot and lined up for:
-2 lunge walks between each parking spot with
-Turkish situps on parking spot lines, alternating either side
-Continued down to first speed bump
3) Run to bottom of the grassy hill for 7’s of:
-Monkey humpers at the bottom
-Bear crawl to the top
-Oblique V-ups at the top
4)Finished off w/ 6 MOM:
-20 high flutters in cadence
-20 air humpers in cadence
-20 LBC’s in cadence
-10 big boy situps OYO
-10 graveyard situps, courtesy of The Tickler
Announcements: Thoughts/prayers for The Tickler and his family, as they will be running a Spartan Race this weekend; he’s going to do great!
Thanks to all you fellas for coming out today and participating in my “First Date!” Great work!

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