Fire Hoses, Tug of War, and a whole bunch of Rundle

  • Workout Date - 02/05/2015
  • Q In Charge - Mab Mab
  • The PAX - Blue Screen, Double Check, Holla, San Diago, Mr. Winslow, Denied, Wonder Cat, Ralphie, Zorro, Weed Wacker, Ms. Daisy, Eppe, Mab Mab (YHC)
  • AO -

14 PAX including 4 Rundles caught the spark, fought the fire, and wrestled the fire hose for a different kind of beatdown this morning.

Warm Up
25 Butt Kickers IC
25 High Knees IC
20 Dips IC
15 Derkins IC
20 Russian Twist IC
20 Heels to Heaven IC

The Main Thang
Break into two groups of 7. Each group is responsible for one 50 ft fire hose.
With the hose above their heads, time for a mosey…wait…er…I mean hosey down to Falls Park.
Alternate between hose being over head, right arm out left arm in, left arm out right arm in, and shoulder.

On the Grassy Hill at Falls Park:
Lay the hoses in paralell lines going up the hill.
At all times there is one man army crawl/pull by pulling himself uphill on the hose
At least 3 Men holding the hose at the top of the hill to support army climber
Remaining men crab walk downhill before starting their army pull
Each man completes the army crawl 3X

On the Flast Grass at Falls Park:
7 on 7 Tug of War
Best out of Three

Head to landing next to Falls Bridge:
Wrap the fire hoses around the base of the stairs  giving 2 even lengths.
One man is doing Arm Whips with hoses, side to sides, or double whips
Other 6 men are alternating in no specific order between:
Flutter Kicks, Shoulder Taps, LBCs, Squats, and running the bridge
Keep this pattern for 15 minutes.
10 Burpees OYO to finish this portion off.

Head to Main St in the same groups of 7.
Create a V out of the fire hoses.
3 Men on each end of the V, on Man at Point of V w/ hose around waist
Man at V Point runs as hard as they can with other 6 PAX pulling against him- perform for 10 secs and then rotate clockwise with man on left part of V moving into the V Point
Once get across bridge over Reedy mosey back to the Flags

2 MOM…sort of. Thanks to Iceman for joining us. for this portion.

Lay the hoses out in parallel lines at Peace Center
Side to Side Hops over the Hose in a zig zag pattern, run back and complete 3X

Drifter is this Saturday- meet at 8:15 am for little pre-race warm up. Can pick up packets at Half Moon on Friday or at race day.

April 11th- USMC Mud Run… get signed up. If you have a team, let me know. Going to be a great race.

Pray for Eppes daughter…was in hospital last night throwing up, running test, might be appendicitis early stages…prayer for healing.

Prayer for YHC customer who is having a tough time w/ marriage and kids are involved. Prayers for restoration.

Prayers for Blue Scree and his wife Valerie as they are about to welcome first child in March! Congrats!

Prayers for Grit as he continues to navigate through tough situation. Prayer for patience, clarity, and wisdom.


Always a good time at the Main Thang. The Fire Hoses will be reappearing some time soon. Well done PAX.

Mab Mab

2 thoughts on “Fire Hoses, Tug of War, and a whole bunch of Rundle”

  1. Ok, was I the only one that thought there were only TWO Rundles in F3 land, or did Holla bring his twins because he couldn’t find a babysitter?

    MEGA T Claps to Mab Mab. First, the dude Qs more often than most of us post. Second, he took the MT Q on last minute notice. Third, he brings this uber creative Q. It sounds like it really sucked too, in a good way of course. Bravo man!

    1. Just saw your post IG! Thanks for the kind words! So glad to be in community with you my brother! Thankful for your friendship and constant encouragment…and it’s not just to me. You bring it to whatever AO you post at.

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