Finishing Strong

  • Workout Date - 09/08/2015
  • Q In Charge - Mab Mab
  • The PAX - Biofreeze, Mr. Head, Wally, iTunes, Captain Planet, Grr, Playdough, Mab Mab (YHC)
  • AO -

Walker has been on my heart a lot here lately, and for anyone of you who don’t know he is the reason I started coming to F3. Walker is the son of our F3 Brother Nail Pop down in Lexington, and last July 3rd he started having seizures out of the blue. He was hospitalized for 3 months, and the F3 AOs would come to the hospital so Nail Pop could work out…and they prayed for Walker fervently. This kind of brotherhood is rare. Nail Pop kept EH-ing me and he told me to “Do it for Walker.” So glad I did. F3 has been such a blessing to me, but so has been witnessing this journey of Walker. Walker is still struggling, and despite the outcome he will be finishing strong. He has a mom and dad who love him more than life, and a God who is in tune with every medical mystery inside of him. Keep praying for Walker and his family. Pray for peace, comfort, wisdom, and guidance for them and the medical staff. Pray for healing for Walker.

8 PAX showed up to The Station for this mornings workout. A fine group of PAX at that. Here is the recap.

Prayer for Walker.

Warm Up:
13 Merkins IC
25 Imperial Walkers IC

The Main Thang:
Mosey over to the main road…
Interval & AMRAP Training
Run for 1 minute, sprint for 15 seconds. Halt.
30 seconds of Merkins AMRAP
30 seconds of Flat Foot Jump AMRAP
30 seconds of LBC 2.0 AMRAP
Repeato x4

Gut Buster Burpee Extravaganza
Line up on one side of field in front of Greer City Hall.
Suicide run across field and back, and the perform 5 Burpees.
Repeato x3

Partner Up Pain
20 Partner Leg Throws
Repeato x3 for each PAX
20 Partner Dead Lifts (1 PAX on ground face up, other PAX stands over, cross hands and standing PAX pulls laying PAX up)
10 Partner Dead Lifts on 2nd Round

Partner Plank claps
20 Plank Claps 1 foot apart
10 Plank Claps 2 feet apart

20 Freddy Mercury’s IC
20 Flutters IC

Prayers for Walker

Prayers for iTunes dad and prostate cancer/surgery

Prayers for iTunes starting Cub Scouts tonight

BRR is this week! Pray for all the PAX.

Mud Run is coming up, last week to sign up. Get on it.

5K Lake Conastee Michelin for United Way, $20. Good family friendly race.

Thanks again to the great PAX of The Station. Always a pleasure to work out with you fellas. Until next time.

God bless,
Mab Mab

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  1. Mab Mab, everyone in F3 is joining with you in praying for Walker, and the whole Phillips family. Your support for them has been inspiring to me and I know many others.

  2. Affordable Care Act

    What can we do beyond prayer, brother? Any ideas floating around to support this family more? I’m from Lexington but I have never met this family. Thanks for inspiring…

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