Fieldwork at #theburbs

  • Workout Date - 03/14/2016
  • Q In Charge - Earthmover
  • The PAX - Stuart Smally, Padre, Zip It, Slap Chop, Big Short, Foie Gras (WB), Obama, Blue Hawaii, Iceman, Wilson, Earthmover (QIC, WD)
  • AO -

11 Pax gotmovin on #PiDay. MIA Golden Sombrero had entrusted YHC with the magic key to the MRPC soccer field so I thought we’d take advantage of this playground. Kotters to Foie Gras (Hate) who returns for his 2nd post after being an FNG last week.

SSH x 5 IC – enough of that
Mosey around the Edgewood/Shady Lane loop to get the blood movin. Reiterate to Blue and Wilson that “Stop” means “Stop” as our pace was not quick enough for them.
Gather at the “Blockhouse” and each pax grab a cinder block. Everyone #pavlov’s and circles up here but noooooo. Let’s head to the field.
Take a lap with the block
Gather at corner 1 for 4 corner escalator. Run with block between corners
Corner 1 – 10 tricep extensions
Corner 2 – 20 block merkins, 10 tricep extensions
Corner 3 – 30 squats w/block, 20 block merkins, 10 tricep extensions
Corner 4 – 40 flutters w/block, 30 squats w/block, 20 block merkins, 10 tricep extensions
Plank for the 6
Recovery lap without the block
30 curls
25 plank jacks
30 OH Press
25 plank jacks
30 block swings (ie use the block like a kettlebell)
25 plank jacks

Repeat the escalator

OH carry the blocks back to blockhouse and head back home.

in a tight circle each pax calls out and exercise and shuffles around the circle while other pax complete the exercise AMRAP. Exercises included
chilcutts, planks, glute bridge, flutters, dollies, heels to heaven, freddie mercs, rosalita, WWII’s etc.

Explain to the less cultured what Foie Gras is
Mudrun and BRR teams forming. Jump in, you’ll like it!
F3HTL in April. Look for custom F3 “Tough” in Greenville in Fall
Continue to EH new guys and re-engage with guys who’ve dropped off
Sushi’s birthday and St. Patty’s Q Thursday at Golden Strip #epic
Q school at Pitchfork tomorrow (March 15)



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