Them FIA Chicks Are Tough! (farsack makeup Q)

  • Workout Date - 01/16/2018
  • Q In Charge - Waxon
  • The PAX - Perry Mason, House, Courtesy Flush, ITunes, Wilson, No Bars
  • AO - The Station

7 Intrepid PAX shook off the 23 degree chill this morning in order to gather together in the dark to do stupid things, and also to help me pay penance for fartsacking my Q last Thursday.   Mission accomplished.    Here’s how it went down

Mission Statement and Disclaimer:     All seasoned veterans, all equally familiar with the lofty goals of F3, as well as my unquestioned fitness to lead, and all cold.    Both MS & D dispensed with in the interest of getting blood flowing to precious extremities.

Warm Up:    SSH x 25    IW x 20    Abe Vigodas x 10      Squats x   10

The Thang:     All PAX line up for a warm-up Indian Run around a couple of Greer city blocks just to get loose for the real work that was yet to come.    Circle the block and re-enter the park at the main entrance and proceed to the amphitheater.      YHC has always been of the opinion that when given the opportunity, one should always take advantage of the many challenges that an amphitheater can provide.    So, while desperation diving for some workout  material through backblasts on the twitter, I happened to catch one that our esteemed #TheStation FIA colleagues  had posted that prominently featured said aforementioned amphitheater.     Being an imaginative sort, I furiously scribbled the workout down on my weinke and prepared for an easy Q.     Recognizing the obviously superior male conditioning and strength, I also added some additional filler material to make up for the other 40 minutes that I reasoned would be left after we knocked out these chickcercises.    I was wrong.   Oh so wrong.

The FIA workout was of the dora variety, consisting of 100 derkins, 200 box jumps and 300 SC lunges.    P1 runs up to the entrance of the park, around the planter and back to the top of the amphitheater while P2 does the work.    Quick explanation to the PAX about what we’re doing, along with dismissive statement that the modification to the box jumps would be DC step-ups and we’re off.    First part went as quickly as expected, as the 100 derkins were no match for the chiseled pecs of the PAX.    Into exercise 2 – box jumps.    Uh-oh. – reality sets in.    200 box jumps are hard!!!!   While the FIA backblast mentioned nothing about a step-up modification, I’m sure that they must have modified somehow, or else quit.     Nonetheless, the box jumps humbled us, and after taking way too long completing them,  we moved on to the lunges and knocked those out.    Time for the extras that I had planned right?   Wrong!    The DORA took much longer than I thought and we were up against mary.   The PAX closed out the workout with de-escalators of dips and Makhtar N’diaye down the amphitheater (9 on the 9th level, 8 on the 8th, etc), and we’re done.


Moleskin:   Prayers lifted for our brothers Gremlin (Mint Hill NC) and Picasso (Summerville).    Also prayers for Perry’s relative, Elizabeth facing cancer treatments after the delivery of the her newborn.

Lastly – while YHC’s backblast pokes a little fun at our FIA counterparts and their workouts, I am all honesty humbled by the work that these ladies put in.   I do read some of their backblasts, and these ladies bring it.    The women of FIA deserve all the support and appreciation that we can provide.   Let’s be sure to lift them up any time that we have the opportunity.



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