• Workout Date - 05/24/2016
  • Q In Charge - Spongebob
  • The PAX - Iceman, Latka, Scuba Steve, Broken Arrow, Stewie, Wee man, San Diago, Earthmover, Double Windsor, Katina, Spackler
  • AO -

12 Men descended on #mainthang to get their mornings started off right.  YHC has had the thought that we don’t sprint enough in F3 and that needs to change.  Type to get that lactic acid flowing.

High Knee Jumps X 20 OYO
Merkins X 10
Russian Twists X 15

Mosey the long way down Main, around Starbucks, down the stairs by Hall’s, and halt next to the river

The Thang
5 All out sprints…on a 1 minute interval…faster you go, the more rest you get
#crowdpleaser #nexttimeits10

Bent Jacob’s Ladder
Bottom:  10 Hand release Merkins
Run the stairs by Hall’s
Top:  Fairy Jacks (start with 1, add 1 each trip up to 7)
T-claps to Earthmover who was asked to give a 10 count and completed said 10 count in 2 seconds.

Mosey over to the gutted mill
1 minute People’s Chair
10 Dragon Flags
3 times through

Mosey over to the bars
10 X supine pullups
10 X big boy situps
3 times through

Mosey to the bottom of the stairs behind the peace center
5 All out sprints…on a 45..er 40 second interval.  Have to hit every stair up and down in 40 seconds
Last one is a full sprint to base

LBCs X 20
Dead Cockroaches X 15
Backwards Crunches X 10
Back stretch

Naked Moleskin
– Definitely need to get more sprints in to the workouts.  Really set the tone by getting the legs tired at the start.  Good efforts by all on those.  San Diago might have won every sprint #westcoastspeed
– Prayers for Clip-on with a knee injury
– Prayers for Ice’s Father
– Prayers for Caliendo as he recovers from a bad car wreck
– June 11th = Dirt-a-lope (trail Jack-a-lope with grilling out at the end for M’s and 2.0s)
– June 18th = Next F3 Dads workout.  Seal has the Q.  Might want to update your insurance info for the 2.0s….Seal don’t play
– Look for details on an outreach event to help a local veteran in need (house work, camaraderie, etc.)

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