Fast and Furious at Tower of Terror

  • Workout Date - 10/06/2016
  • Q In Charge - Look Out Below
  • The PAX - Celine Dion, Whisper, Mint Julep, Lite Brite, Thumper, Road Trip, Hulk Smash, Third Base, NYOPT, Look Out Below
  • AO -

10 PAX joined up for what was promised to be a snot-woggling, hurl inducing Q. I hope I didn’t disappoint. 4 PAX decided on a 4 mile pre-F3 run just because we are dumb and are still working the soreness out of the limbs from the GORUCK Mogadishu Miles completed this past Friday night in Charlotte.

Warm Up:
4 count shoulder touches
25 squats OYO

Let’s get it. Line up by the clock tower and assume the bear crawl position. Bear crawl to the first stop sign, lunge walk to the second stop sign then run back to the start point. We did this a total of three times with the third time having some extra activities thrown in for good measure like monkey humpers, side to side squats and Super Mario jumps. T-claps to Third Base for telling me to put my fist up and break that block.

Mosey to the grassy area with the brick wall and partner up. Wheelbarrow down to the oak tree, switch partners and come back. Next was 25 box jumps onto the wall, followed by 15 derkins. Hit 15 more derkins and 25 more box jumps and its time to move again. Indian Run down Maple St. to the corner of College and Maple, hang a right and keep going. Somewhere through here Lite Brite mentioned that we haven’t done any burpees. No problem blue falcon!! Stop and give me 10 burpees OYO.

We ran back to the start point and did 1 merkin, run to the stop sign. Do two merkins and run back. All the way up to 10. Now time for Mary.

Flutters x 25 – IC with some 6″, 45 degrees and 90 degrees sprinkled in there
In and outs x 20 – IC
American Hammers x 25 – IC
Rosalita x 20 – IC
American Hammers x 25 – IC

F3 Golf Tourney – 10/20 – find preblast for all info
Spinx Run Fest – 10/29

Prayers – something happened with my recorder so I’m sure I’m missing some things:
Jacob Hall family and community of Townville
Preston from Monarch Elem – aggressive cancer
Military deployed – lost a soldier this week to an IED
Coastal communities as they prepare for Hurricane Matthew

As always, it’s a pleasure to lead

Look Out Below

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