Fartisphere tour through the park

  • Workout Date - 05/10/2015
  • Q In Charge - Seal
  • The PAX - Data and YHC
  • AO -

“Mama said knock you out. I’m gonna knock you out.” Thanks LL Cool J for that awesome tune. Happy Mother’s day to all the M’s out there that put up with our F3 shenanigans.

2 PAX showed up with a one hour pass from Mom to get in a good start to their week. Damn “artsy fartsies” everywhere, clogging up the Swamp Rabbit trail. Alas, Data and YHC pushed through and navigated through the maze of clueless Sad Clowns with families in tow. We gotta get these poor guys into F3. You can see the emptiness.

We did a little warm up with windmills and side straddle hops x25 each, in cadence. Even had a family passing by join in! Hoorah!  I love it when a workout becomes contagious. Off we went on a mosey to Main Street. The closer we get to the Liberty Bridge, the more congested it gets. It was somewhat expected though. Across the bridge and on to trail behind the Peace Center and Amphitheater.  Then a left on River Street and another left on Falls Park drive, right smack through the middle of the Artisphere displays of overpriced “art” (yes, I’m a cynical bastard that has no appreciation for the arts. #cobains #notreally). Time for a little stop off for some 11’s at the Major Rudolf Anderson Jr Memorial. Dips and derkins. Mosey on back to the SF. But…..as we approach, my one fear was starting to materialize. Where is the flag? Surely not!!! But my man Data spots the colors just before we arrive. Unfortunately, they were on the ground. Mind you, there was not even a hint of a breeze there. Some unsavory character just wanted to disrespect “Old Glory” and see us do 13 burpees as the standard penalty. So be it. I’m just glad the #NightOps SF wasn’t stolen. However, mark my words here and now. It will happen. I want to think better of my fellow man. But….

6 minutes left. 6 minutes of Mary it is. LBCs x25 in cadence, Heels to the heavens x25 in cadence, Box cutters x25 in cadence, Mountain Climbers x15 in cadence. Times up.


Come join Data and YHC at the Matinee tomorrow. Falls Park at the yellow stage bellow Liberty Bridge. Mondays, noon sharp. It’s Data’s VQ! Show some support.

Races coming up. Jackalope.

Prayers for all those Moms out there. We love you.

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