Fall 2015 Mud Run. 420 Pax Converge to take on the F3 Superbowl.

  • Workout Date - 10/24/2015
  • Q In Charge - Heist
  • The PAX - 420 Pax from across F3 Nation including 4 named FNGs. Roofie from Greenwood, SexWax from Lexington Michelle and Woody from Chicago (looking for his name). 8 Other FNGs listed as runners but the missed the Name O Rama. these others will be named in their respective regions during their next post.
  • AO -

Over 400 pax converged at the Leatherneck Course in Gaston, SC for the 2015 Fall Edition of the Super Bowl of F3 – THE LEGENDARY ULTIMATE CHALLENGE MUD RUN.  This was a year of the “First”.  The fact that this was YHC’s first EVER MudRun was completely overshadowed by much more worthy “First” acknowledgements.

Thanks to the LEAP efforts, we have seen new Shovel Flags planted all across our great land. These new guys jumped to the challenge of the Leatherneck and couldn’t wait to see what the buzz was all about. Several regions had their first ever appearance at the MudRun.  We saw new regions representation from Shelby NC; Greenville, NC,  Sandhills NC, Jacksonville FL, Alpharetta Ga, Atlanta GA, Sumter SC, Winnsboro SC, Bluffton SC, Myrtle Beach SC, Greenwood SC, and North Augusta SC.  We even had several FNGs. We had FNG-Roofie from Greenwood, SexWax from Lexington,  Michelle and Woody that made their way from Chicago who are anxiously awaiting LEAP to make the hop to the Windy City. There were some other FNGs that I am leaving out, but I totally missed the Name O Rama (while off trying to makes sense of the finish times). I may even be leaving out a few other regions that tackled the Leatherneck for the first time.  Maybe the most humbling site was seeing the shuttle pull in with the 4 teams from the Oliver Gospel Mission. These guys rocked! Seriously have you seen the video of team “F3 Columbia-Mission That’s Possible” with Serena, Fountainhead, PapaSmurf and Buzzcut?

Check it out here: Mission Team Puts on the Superman Cape

Robber has done amazing things with this group from the Mission. Posting at the Mission has become my Saturday favorite for a  Double Down and sometimes a Triple Down opportunity. If you are ever in the area, you should really consider stopping by to see what it’s all about. The guys from the Mission who came to the Leatherneck will undoubtedly remember this event as one of the best moments of their lives. These guys are in complete disbelief that all of YOU from F3Nation “have  their backs” on their comeback trail as they strive to become better men….

There were some impressive performances from the pax.

  • F3 Nation represented the TOP 2 for the overall event.
  • 4 F3 Teams were represented in the top 5 overall.
  • 5 F3 Teams completed the course in under 1 hour.
  • 6 F3 Teams were represented in the top 10 overall.
  • 12 F3 Teams were represented in the top 21 overall.
  • 10 different F3 Regions were represented in the top 12 F3 Teams.
  • F3 represented 107 of the 372 total teams at the MudRun (almost 30%).
  • 420 Pax attended the event and MOST of these were first timers (over 300 runners were not repeat runners from the Spring Event).

The #F3BeerBoat would NOT disappoint and presented a bountiful harvest of hops.

OEW was not physically present on site, but we were still able to make our check presentation thanks to all of your donations.

Conditions: 59 and partly cloudy as the day warmed up. Absolutely perfect weather for a CSAUP event

The Thang:

New formal parking spots for the Shovel Flags 

  • New State Flag Row lined the front of the F3 Tent (12 F3 States)!
  • There were all new formal parking spots for all of the Shovel Flags in the “Shovel Flag Village”. What the hell is a Shovel Flag Village? Just trust me and plant them on the white spots!
  • UFO sightings turned out be false. It was Napalm piloting a drone to catch never before seen footage of F3 Nation and the Shovel Flags standing tall in proper formation.

Check Presentation for Operation Enduring Warrior-Fountainhead and Napalm presented our check for $2800.00.

Overall MudRun Prayer- Chaser “One day our bodies will be void of strength and energy… but TODAY is NOT that DAY!”. This was folded in gracefully with encouraging words about the flood in and around Columbia from a few weeks prior. Another unforgettable and moving prayer that only Chaser could deliver.

BOM-Dredd – Wow we got to hear Chaser and Dredd knock it out of the park in one day.  Everybody except our nephews and Tiny Tim got a shout out here.  I think I saw somebody’s leg trembling, but not sure if they were scared or just excited. I think I may have overheard one of the Mission guys say, “dang he’s gonna run with us?”.

 Beginning at 8:45, the pax embarked on the 6 mile course featuring 36 obstacles (well one was closed down and marked as too scary I suppose)… It goes without saying that Lewis and Clark may have even drifted off course on this day. “Go left, no right, wait, your going the wrong way, follow the arrow, NO that’s the arrow from LAST year when they ran in reverse, TURN AROUND, let’s just keep moving forward and see if it works out… It was unfortunate that the course markings failed to send us all down the correct path; and that there were not sufficient course guides suggesting the correct direction to take in that creek.

There isn’t really much we can do about this. At the end of the day, this would not overshadow all of the good that came out of this day in the grand scheme of things.

Congratulations to Team F3 Columbia-Hammer for winning the Busted paw AND winning the overall MudRun with the final official time of 50:11:320

Congratulations to Team F3 The Fort-Filthy Animals  for placing second (for both F3 Nation AND the overall MudRun with the final official time of 51:22:297

Congratulations to Team F3 Charlotte Metro-Team Biscuit for placing third for F3 and 4th place for the overall MudRun with the final official time of 54:15:070.

The FULL Official Mud Run results can be found in the link below:

***UPDATE: Numerous individuals reached out to me between Monday and Wednesday following the race. The inquiry was about some teams receiving time reductions on their finish times (related to getting lost on the course due to poor course markings). The concern was that some teams received time reductions while others did not.  Many teams went the wrong way in the creek. THAT FLAT OUT SUCKS, WE ALL GET IT. This was beyond our control. Today (Wednesday 10-28-2015), I met with the MudRun officials to gather all FACTS about teams that got time reductions. The investigation determined that the first 6 teams to cross the finish line received a 5 minute time reduction (no other teams did). This time reduction was authorized/facilitated by the company responsible tor tracking finishing times via the bib chips. The updated results within both attachments below reflect the official results published by the MudRun; AND what the adjusted results would be if ALL “Time Credits” were removed from these 6 teams. The investigation revealed that there was absolutely no change with the top 4 teams. The only change in finishing times was a swap between the 5th and 6th placed F3 Teams.  Bottom line is that nobody cheated, the top 5  F3 teams were still “Bad Ass Fast” and the result are the same no matter how you slice it, peal it or dissect it. 

There is a legend at the bottom of each spreadsheet is defined as:

(Red Font=Time was edit)

Black Bold Italics= Rank Increased)

Red Bold Italics= Rank Decreased)

Updated-All Runner Results

The F3 only Results can be found in the link below(this includes Overall Rank, F3 Nation Rank, F3 State Rank and F3 Region Rank):

Updated-F3 Nation Only Results

Drone Pics from overhead can be viewed in link below:


All Other Pictures from Ranger and the other course photographers can be found in the link below:

***UPDATE all course photos are now available via this drop box link below (Thanks Ranger!)

Drop Box Course Photos



  • Sway for the opportunity to Q this event. I think it was a text for Sway that said, “Hey Heist are you ready to give back a little bit?”. I think I said, “sure, do you need me to Q for you or something?” . HA, the rest is history.
  • Crash, Robber, Sway and Quisenberry  for handing a successful plan and a well oiled machine over to me to manage. Great advice, direction and support was provided along the way. I still remember the lunch at Salsaritas where they unloaded the plethora of details over to me in a matter of 30 minutes and said, “you’ll be fine”.  It’s truly a testament to F3Nation and the Qs before me that this event can almost run itself.  I sort of feel like I got to fly one of those huge 787 Dreamliners. When I sat in the Pilot’s seat, I realized that the jet was already on autopilot.
  • Crash and Sway one mention was not enough. Thanks for all of the daily support via tweets, texts, emails and calls. You really helped to keep me on track and prevented the train from derailing!
  • Region MudRun Qs:
    • Florida
      • Jacksonville- BigBird
    • Georgia
      • Atlanta-FogHorn
    • North Carolina
      • Asheville-GoodLuck
      • Charlotte MECA-ChickenStrip and Chowder
      • Charotte Metro-Razorback
      • Charlotte-North/Isotope-Mortimer
      • Charlotte South-Mermaid
      • Foothills-Abraham
      • Gastonia-Bandit
      • Greenville NC-CousinIt
      • Shelby-GoGreeneGo
    • South Carolina
      • Bluffton SC-Gambit
      • Charleston-Duggar
      • Columbia-Myrtle
      • Florence-Foxy
      • Fort Mill-OldBay
      • Greenwood-Juggernaut
      • Hartsville-ChuckyCheese
      • Lake Murray-FireDaddy
      • Lexington-ShadesOfGrey
      • Myrtle Beach-OneCall
      • Summerville-Picasso
      • Sumter-Waco
      • Winnesboro-Doobie
      • Thanks to all of the Regional Nantan’s as well for help with kick-starting the event and a bit of help along the way. I feel like I left somebody, but I’m truly thankful for all of the help and support each you provided along the way!
  • Refreshment Q and Beverage Warehousing: LoveSeat.
  • BeerBoat Provider: LowDot
  • Uhaul Trailer (Refreshment Wagon), Bullhorn, Cooler and Ice Delivery): Smokey.
  • Friday Night Prep/ Set up: TuffGuy, LoveSeat and Sway.
  • Drone Pilot: Napalm (that was just bad-ass)! Thanks for carving out the time to join us and capture this special event with all that you had going on in your life!!!
  • Saturday Set-up/Break Down Before, During, and After the Event: TuffGuy, Smokey, BigTime, TwinkleToes, LoveSeat, OnRamp, LowDot
  • Photographer Q: Ranger
    • Additional Photographers: Turnbuckle, Dunphy, Amanda Smith, Jennifer Gibbons (wife of SayWhat?!)
  • Refreshment Donations: All teams from F3Columbia, F3LakeMurray, and F3Lexington that donated drinks for the BeerBoat (This was the host region).
  • The Big Check (Creation and Presentation): Fountainhead, Napalm and Costanza.
  • The Powerful Prayer to kick off the overall MudRun Event: Chaser
  • Delivering the Classic BOM: Dredd
  • All of F3 Nation Pax in attendance For our Superbowl (especially those from out of Town)!

And with THAT we bring another awesome F3 Event to a close. In some ways, this brings back childhood memories. Remember back when you packed up for summer camp? You were excited to get to camp with some of you friends, catch up with old friends, and even meet some entirely new friends.  The sad part about those days is that summer camp came to an end. You had to pack up your chest and say goodbye. You knew that you would never see some of these guys again as you went your separate ways. You may have even left with a knot in your gut.

The difference here is that we are F3, and we are not going anywhere. We are all connected in a way that is often difficult to explain to others.  Each of us at F3 know exactly what I am talking about. Tomorrow we will wake up (rain, snow, hot or cold) and post with our brothers.  We’ll also travel to other areas, whether for work or pleasure, and post to any one of hundreds of other AOs and be welcomed in. There will be several other CSAUP events right around the corner that will also draw us in to take the challenge with other F3 Brothers from across the nation.

YHC was truly honored to be the Q at this MudRun event. Hope all in attendance enjoyed themselves.

See you in the gloom!



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