#f3twofiddy DONE

  • Workout Date - 12/22/2015
  • Q In Charge - Earthmover
  • The PAX - San Diago, Crisco, Latka, Belk (Metro, Honorary Rabbit), Holla, Soul Plane (Double Respect), PETA, Iceman, Domer Simpson, Taylor Swift (hate hate), Inspector Gadget (Respect), Clip On (hate), Double Windsor (Respect), FNG WOW (Robert Roscum) , Dunphy, FNG Bedpan (Jim Gantt) 501, Handy Manny, Tiny Dancer (lots of Hates!), Earthmover (QIC)
  • AO -

20 PAX (2FNGs) showed up in the rainy gloom for YHC’s 250th workout of the year, thus satisfying the January goal in the #f3twofiddy challenge. Been a long year but I’m kinda proud of myself for hitting this goal!

Here’s what went down today.

Disclaimer for FNGs. Unfortunately this is not going to be an FNG friendly workout today.

5 superman burpees just to prove we don’t melt when wet

Mosey to the Bowater garage. Pretty simple today with an 11s workout. We were in one place so Dunphy was able to find us #LIFO

Bottom floor 1 burpee. Take stairs to top floor 10 burpees. Run the ramps back down

2 burpees, stairs to top, 9 burpees run down, etc etc etc

Tclaps to San Diago who finished and Double Windsor who was right on his tail.

Mosey to Peace Center steps. 5 squats per step. Per Ice there were 25 steps

Circle up for Mary. 20 DC Dollies then we’re done!

Hopefully we met my preblast goals of:It will be fun, it will be hard, you’ll get wet AND you’ll be better for showing up

-Gideons House workout and breakfast tomorrow
-Tommie’s Ham House 5K Christmas Eve. Come see if Hootie can defend his title as the only competitive runner in this race
-Convergence workout in Charlotte January 1. Happy 5th Birthday to F3Nation!!

-Welcome FNGs Bedpan and WOW (World of Warcraft). F3SwampRabbit continues to be the Worthwhile company’s inhouse #getbetter program. Tclaps to Holla and all of his staff!
-Prayer and praise for TSwift’s friend recovering from baseball injury
-Tiny Dancer’s friend with mysterious medical issues
-Brother of Tiny Dancer and Swift for medical procedure
-Ice’s co worker cancer diagnosis
-Caviar’s recovery from shoulder surgery
-Prayers for those who’ve lost loved ones this year



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