F3rd Saturday: Parking Lot or Field of Dreams

  • Workout Date - 04/18/2015
  • Q In Charge - Gluten
  • The PAX - Duplo, FNG A. Waldrop "Broccoli"-WB, FNG Jared Davis "Mash", FNG Phil Rabe "Shiner", Blue Balls, Nair, and Gluten-WD also the Mystery Q.
  • AO -

The PAX of Powder Keg had been having some discussions over the last couple of months about the potential for increasing our visibility on a Saturday morning workout on a monthly basis! Finally, in one of those moments during a recent COT – it was time to stop talking and set a plan into action. The F3rd Saturday of April would be that plan to attack the opportunity in waiting. Perhaps, the plan to would fail and we should wait. After all, many in Swamp Rabbit would be helping to make The LEAP expansion effort down in the ATL a success. Trusting, however, that F3 is a movement that pleases GOD, the PAX bit the bullet and pressed on for those who would be willing and available to meet in the parking lot between MD360 and WALMART on April 18, 2015 in anticipation that men will come if we are faithful to act on the plan! Here’s what went down:


Had to give the disclaimer! (Hmmm… this is sounding good. YHC didn’t have to do that the last time a Q opportunity came his way)

  • SSH x20, In cadence
  • Imperial Walkers x20, in cadence
  • The Squat x20, in cadence
  • The Merican x15, in cadence

Somewhere between Imperial Walkers and The Squat, Nair rolled into the parking lot to join our band of brothers getting in an inaugural downPAINment in this busy location! Time to mosey… oh where should we go? YHC wasn’t even sure, but with FNGs in tow, it just felt right that we should be sure to take our little parade closer to the entrance of WALMART. As we got closer a few early bird shoppers seemed to be cheering us on for what we were doing. (Hmmm, didn’t see that coming!) We continued as YHC led the PAX right past both entrances of Walmart and then one of those last second left hand turns (yeah, as the Spirit leads) by the garden center toward the back of the store. There! Near the tree and a wide open area of wet concrete… perfect for where we could “Halt” for whatever (?) would come next… the Next Exercise is:

  • The Mountain Climber x25, in cadence
  • The Flutter x 20, in cadence

It’s a dead zone back here in this corner. Not much to see, and not anybody besides us, to notice what we are up to… so, YHC said “Let’s mosey.” and the PAX followed as we headed around the back side of the Walmart back to some nicely spaced light poles in the parking lot near where our warm-up took place. A good spot to partner up for a nice exercise routine known as…

DORA 1 – 2 – 3

Okay, after explaining the three exercises and partnering up (which I must say is easier said than done) we eventually found ourselves in three pairs where we would accomplish our 100 LBC’s, 200 Sumo Squats, and 300 Crab Cakes as 1st partner ran to the third light pole while the 2nd partner started the exercise. Once the 1st partner got back to the first light pole he would pick up the count of his partner and continue the exercise while the 2nd partner picked up the run. Six hundred of anything will work you out pretty good but when half are Crab Cakes, you learn pretty quickly that you might have picked an easier exercise. Oh well, we were better for it since we are alive to talk about it! The next exercise is…

Taylor Jack’s or Webb Dan’s

A Gluten variation (not intentional, just happened that way) of Dan Taylors or Jack Webb’s Dan Taylor’s are typically a 1:4 ratio of lunges and squats for a “I can’t feel my legs, Lt. Dan!”, but YHC was somewhat oxygen deprived from DORA and we ended up with a hybrid of Taylor Jack’s or Webb Dan’s… Lunges 1 for both legs to Air presses 4… I know, I know! It is what it is. We did something though! It followed the step progression through 7:28. I must confess, we didn’t have enough time to take it back down in the opposite direction. My bad! I’lll do it right the next time. Not finished just yet. Two more moseys from YHC. Let’s see where we’re going now… heading around on the other side of the MD360 building looking for a suitable wall for…

  • The People’s Chair x 3 episodes

Each gave us time to hold our chair pose long enough for YHC and Blue Balls to quote some scripture like Ephesians 3:20, John 3:16, and Proverbs 27:17. Time check revealed we had to mosey for an abbreviated 6MOM minus 4. Yes, it’s really 0758… Let’s Mosey back to the Warm-up spot where we started off. When we got there YHC called everybody to get on their six, then he said we would finish heads in, feet out holding our feet up at 18 inches for a ring of fire or ROF where we all took turns running around the ring pushing the feet of the PAX down to the ground as they try to hold the 18 inches. We did this until the last man finished and got back into his 18 inch hold pattern and we all did a countdown from 10 to one! We were done!


Count off revealed 6 plus a 2.0 of Duplo’s waiting in the car. Invited him in for the Name-O-ramA, because 3 FNGs is one better than 2, and 6 PAX is good, but 7 is PERFECT! We ended up naming Duplo’s 2.0 A. Waldrop – Broccoli; Jared Davis – Mash; and Phil Rabe – Shiner. Good work by all the PAX in this inaugural F3rd posting in a parking lot between MD360 and Walmart. Strangely enough, my Garmin painted a trail of this workout that had a total of 2.13 miles. Further than thought. Announcements: Didn’t get mentioned, but this is an addendum upfront about Jackeloup on May 16. Let’s get behind this! We also mentioned The LEAP expansion efforts for The ATL, Asheville, Greenwood and Yes, for Pickens County, SC – all before year end! MEN – all men – need this! We heard several prayer requests as well involving family health needs, job related stresses that we can all relate to as well as prayers for those traveling due to funerals, etc. YHC closed us out in prayer and asked for continued blessings on all men striving to improve their fitness, fellowship and faith because we are so thankful to belong to this movement that glorifies GOD! We remember what it was like before and we are recognizing that this is something to be shared! As always, it is an honor to lead my F3 Brothers and look forward to seeing you next time in the gloom! Aye!

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