F3 Travelers Rest launch: Who let the Dogs Out??!!

  • Workout Date - 09/24/2014
  • Q In Charge - Inspector Gadget
  • The PAX - Zorro, Splinter - FNG (Levi Todd) , Stump - FNG (Dwayne Dorsey) , Chief Ooga Booga - FNG (Jody Jennings), Truck Stop - FNG (Charlie Hall), Hardhat, Floppy, Caviar, NIMBY - FNG (Lee Bining), Chringle - FNG (Josh Trainer), Uber, Handy Manny, Epee, Goggles, Inspector Gadget, Ward
  • AO -

URGENT: I spoke the FNG’s email addresses into my phone but it was not recording.  To those that invited them (Padre, Floppy, et. al), please contact them and send their email address to my twitter address @RussellVConner, so that I can get them a login.   I sincerely regret the error and inconvenience.


Thanks to everyone who made the Dog Pound launch a success. Several members of the PAX drove some distance to get here.  A hearty WELCOME to all 6 FNGs. The workouts don’t get easier, but YOU get STRONGER!  What you saw today was just the tip of the F3 iceberg #morethanaworkout. Please keep coming, I promise you won’t regret it.

Being the very first post at this A.O., there was a little trial and error involved. The lighting by the football bleachers is not great, so running up and down the bleachers probably won’t be repeated.

But overall the A.O. is a great one, as it is right on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, has OPEN restrooms, and lots of space and fields/courts to work with.

Right now McDonald’s is the Coffeeteria, but Zorro will be approaching some of the local coffee shops to see if they might open early for us.

As always, it was a honor to lead this great group of men.

Warm Up:

SSH  IC 20 count

IW IC 20 count

LBCs  IC 20 count

The Thang:

Indian Run from one end of parking lot to the other, then back.

Partner up and do Merkins to failure. 3 sets for each partner    LBC when done

Lounges across Basketball Court and back     Plank

Mountain Climbers 30 OYO                             Plank

Derkins 20 OYO

Everyone link arms and walk up the embankment and then back down again

Mosey to the football field . Run up the bleachers, run laterally to next set of steps, run down the bleachers. Complete the ‘square’  3 times. Plank and wait on the PAX

Bear Crawl from 30 yard line to the goal line     Plank

Mosey to the Concession/Restroom building. 1 minute of People’s Chair with arms out and then up. Repeato

Mosey back to Shovel flags.

High Knee Jumps 20 OYO

Lounges across Basketball Court and back






Circle of Trust (COT):

FNG Names:

Splinter – Works at Diamond Plywood

Stump – Splinter’s older brother

Chief Ooga Booga – Works with Camp McColl

Truck Stop – Cycle vs.Truck accident where truck had more damage than his bike

NIMBY(Not in my Backyard) – Lives across from the A.O

Chringle (Christian Mingle) – Single and student at North Greenville


Anderson launch on Saturday, 10/18

BOM prayer






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