F3 takes over the 2013 Blue Ridge Relay

  • Workout Date - 12/07/2022
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Editor’s note: NoCo posted their BB here. Area 51, here. Swamp Rabbit, here.

The Thang:

208 mile relay run from Grayson Highlands State Park, Virginia to Asheville, NC over 25-30 hours.  Each team has 6-12 pax and 1-2 support vans.

F3’s participation in the 2013 Blue Ridge Relay was a tremendous success!  In 2012, F3 posted 5 teams to BRR.  In 2013, F3 posted 16 teams PLUS at least 5-6 other pax on their own teams.  There are only 150 teams in the entire BRR field, so F3 represented over 10 percent of the entire field!

I know I am not alone when I describe the BRR as the best endurance event that F3 does all year.  All the special events have their qualities, but BRR provides a true physical test with tremendous 2nd F in a beautiful setting.

Please view this PDF file for a team-by-team profile with moleskin.

Race results are posted here.  All the F3 teams did a fantastic job!  For the 2nd year in a row, F3 GONADS NINE finished as the fastest F3 team, still several hours behind the real runners. Is there a #BustedToe trophy?

Chico put together the attached write up, which I think captures the essence of BRR very well.

And Gator put together a fantastic video, which can be viewed above.

20+ teams for next year?

7 thoughts on “F3 takes over the 2013 Blue Ridge Relay”

  1. Aye, great job Show. Getting 170 guys to do something easy is nowhere near as hard as getting them to do something like this.

    Gator, very cool. Thanks for getting this into posterity.

    Next year: half the field F3.

  2. BRR–best experience of my life…
    Minus wedding, kids, yadayadayada.

    This was designed perfectly for F3…
    1stF-the running kicked my tail, but saw how the F3 has trained me to go further and faster than I imagine.
    2ndF-the fellowship at the different exchange zones was awesome to see new bonds being forged.
    3rdF-the 2:30AM “ghost train” on leg 23 made me wonder if I was gonna meet my maker…or a meth-lab.

  3. Great event and awesome backblast. Team Lean had two drivers, the best wheelmen in the business (bwmitb). My Sharona missing fom backblast but without his EH I would have missed this joyride. Thanks Team Lean. I will be back next year and I will train harder especially on navigation skills and timing of stops.

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