F3 Swamp Rabbit – The Station "HOPE Relay Q"

  • Workout Date - 05/27/2023
  • Q In Charge - Ricky Bobby
  • The PAX - Erector, NSA, Blue Hawaii, Bio Freeze, No Bars, Slick Willy, ITunes, Wally, Alfred, Greer, First Date, Footloose, Cockroach
  • AO -

14 PAX came out for a special HOPE Relay Q at the Station. We divided the PAX up into three teams – one team of four and two teams of 5.

Goofball x 20 (in cadence)
Happy Jacks x 5 (in cadence)

Run 1/4 mile headed to Memorial United Methodist

Team Activity Station 1 at Memorial
200 count Cinder Block Bicep Curls (team exercise)
Hallelujahs (hold Cinder Block over head walking to light poles in middle of parking lot and back)
200 count Cinder Block Rows (team exercise)

Run 1/2 mile

Team Activity Station 2 at Davenport Park
200 count Merkens (team exercise)
200 count Donkey Kicks (team exercise)

Run 1/2 mile

Team Activity Station 3 at The Clock Restaurant Greer
300 count Freddie Mercury’s (team exercise)
200 count Dips (team exercise)

Run 1/2 mile

Team Activity Station 4 at First Baptist Greer
200 count Bobby Hurley’s (team exercise)
400 count Air Presses (team exercise)

Run 1/4 mile

Team Activity Station 5 at City Hall
50 count Frogger or Modified Caterpillar (one partner leap frogs over other team members who in in bow plank (team exercise)
300 count Flutters (team exercise)


HOPE Relay next Saturday 11/14 @8:40a.m. Salvation Army Kroc Center Downtown Greenville

Nepal – Sherpa – Brick Run Greenville, SC 10:00 a.m. – 5k raise money for kids in Nepal and ministry there

Race for the Pies, 11/21, Greer Soup Kitchen – building family shelter 10:00 am Go Green event

Hunger Walk, 11/22, Greer, Hunger Issue in Greer Go Green Event

Prayer Requests:

Carl – prostate surgery tomorrow morning

Bambino – dad had his foot amputated

Footloose – tough year for him

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