F3 Swamp Rabbit Shirts are (Finally) Here

  • Workout Date - 09/23/2023
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At long, long, long last, the day is upon us. F3 Swamp Rabbit shirts, featuring our very own Badass Bunny logo, are now available on the MudGear site. Don’t believe me? I don’t blame you, but it’s true! No, really! I’m not kidding!

Ok, fine.


We went round and around trying to come up with highest quality, most distinctive, and reliable gear for the baddest bunch of Wabbits in all of F3 Nation. Part of that is a burgeoning relationship with oobe, which we hope to expand upon in the future. Long story short, we came up with three options

  • MudGear Fitted Race Jersey in Badass Black: this is cut to the same specs as the beloved Under Armour Sonic Fitted Race Jersey that most PAX have now. YHC has a sample inbound and will be putting it through its paces tomorrow (11/23) at Legacy to check it out for fit, comfort and durability. That said we’ve been told that it’s every bit equivalent to the UA shirt. This also comes in a long sleeve option if you’re feeling silly. Pro tip: if you want this shirt but prefer a looser fit, size up!
  • oobe Marathon Race Tee in Heather Gray: more of a knockin’ around and/or running shirt. TBD if it can take the beating that we dish out with all the work we do on the ground, but it’s a high quality, nice fitting tee made from very supple wicking material. Ice’s very apt description: “Probably best for running or just pimpin’ around town.” — Aye
  • Under Armour Loose Tee in Forest Green: An “in between” option from Under Armour. Same quality, but a more relaxed fit and in darker shade of green. Several PAX have a loose fitted UA shirt and they hold up well. Pro tip: if you want a tighter fit, size down. I’ve tried the same style shirt at Dick’s and sizing down made the fit more like the UA Sonic Fitted/MudGear race jersey (although the cut is not EXACTLY the same, it’s close enough for government work)

Important Details

  • Nothing says “I love you honey/daddy/etc.” like new Gear! We wanted to give you guys (really, the M’s) a chance to get these in for Christmas. To that end we’re setting a tight deadline for our first bulk buy: ALL ORDERS MUST BE IN BY 11/30/13. That will give us the best chance of getting delivery in time for Santa Claus.
  • For simplicity’s sake, and to save shipping costs, everything will be shipped directly to me (Flay). I will find a way to distribute them out, either via the site Q’s or at an arranged time/place to meet people. (Perhaps the Holiday Party at Barley’s if they arrive in time).
  • You can of course order after the fact, but it will not make it into that first batch.

That’s it, boys. While you’re on the gear site, have a gander at some of the cool stuff Malkovich has up for the winter. Personally, I think the Mountain Hardware half-zip, is pretty boss, and the Headsweats Beanie and Ironclad Cold Condition Gloves would both make great stocking stuffers…

Finally: thanks to Nippler, The Tickler, Iceman, One Direction, and Malkovich up in Charlotte for helping to make this happen.


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