F3 Runs the Basin – Relay Races are all the rage!

  • Workout Date - 09/28/2022
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Friends, Romans, Basiners……lend me your ear.

In what will undoubtedly go down as one of many reinvigorating events bringing F3 to the forefront of the fitness, fellowship and faith landscape, we are proud to announce our first forray into the wild world of RELAY RACES!

(F3 Runs the Basin…get it?)

It started as an innocent joke. 6 guys in a van putzing around the low country during the P200. Our loveable nantan, caring about our fitness, purchased a 5 gallon glass jar of pickles so as to ensure optimum sodium consumption (paging Dr. Freud).

From there, the running “pickle” jokes took off.

“We should pass pickles like a baton to the other van at the EZ! We should run the entire race with a pickle in our hand! We should kickoff the pickle 200 and run around North Carolina with all proceeds benefiting prostate cancer awareness!”

Add in the sweet soothing sounds of “The Entertainer” and it’s like you’re practically there with us.

Thusly, as they say, is how a star is born. After some thoughtful consideration and mathemetical modeling (HAI BURNER), we are excited to announce the 1st Annual “F3 Runs the Basin”: a 70ish mile race around the Lake Norman proper.

What: F3 Runs The Basin: 70ish mile relay race (editors note: you won’t have to run with a pickle)

When: Friday November 3rd (evening) through Saturday November 4th

Who: We are treating this as an opportunity to introduce new people to our great organization. Anyone is free to enter the relay regardless of sex, color, creed or proclivity to making America great again.

How: We are partnering with Jones Racing Company to help us run the event. Max 6 person teams.

Where: The race will kickoff in epic fashion at a central location Friday night November 3rd, finishing at the same point Saturday November 4th. Right now we are targeting a couple local breweries but think ‘Burning Man’ somehwere on or around Cornelius, NC. From there, we will run around the outskirts of Lake Norman crossing through such hallowed communities as Huntersville, Denver, Mooresville and Davidson.

How much: Pricing will be finalized in the next several weeks, however, price per team will be competitive as compared to other big relay events. Proceeds of the race will cover all costs of production, give-aways, t-shirts (WHAT ARE YALL DOIN) etc. Incremental proceeds will be donated to a charitable organization.

We will have additional needs for weasel shakers at every turn including volunteers and sponsorship opportunities. If you’re interested in participating please contact me via twitter @pierogi_f3 or email victor47@gmail.com.

Keep your eyes on social media / slack as info becomes available.



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