F3 Nation Expansion Training – Breaking down barriers

  • Workout Date - 12/03/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

The #F3expansion team rolled into Swamp Rabbit and 11 brothers converged at the #MainThang in order to collaborate on the #F3Spartanburg launch.  It went down like so…


Posted at 3 Shovel Flags in the spry city of Greenville a few minutes early for the last part of the early-bird special led by @Iceman #WaterBottle #ForTime

#TeamExpansion Q:

-Discussion topics: Intros, F3 Mission, why we’re here..

COP – Stinger – SSH, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, WideArms…etc. #MindEraser

Q ProTips: How to Count/Q-Tips, PAX Roles, Details, Lead, Energy > Detail, no man left behind…

Ark Loader: Bear Crawl, Lunge Walk.

-Call a spade a spade, F3 by example, Expansion team roles.

-7’s Jump Squats/Burpees

Topics: Bring the energy, head on a swivel, put PAX in positions to succeed, EH from FNG list, serve the launch. #IamThird

#SwampRabbit PAX Q:

11’s Fairy Jacks/Merkins audible to a Shared COP – Iceman, Flay: Lots of exercises.

Mosey to Amphitheater – COP – Electric City, SpongeBob, TBC, Padre – 5 Foot Jumpups #Wheelhouse, Stabursts, Incline Merkins, Lots of flutters.

Q Feedback, Third F discussion, Naming Tips (Let’s not name a fat guy @fatty), COT format, Region identity/personality, we all want our name in the BB, you’ll know your successful when the overexcited PAX start knocking down your door to start a workout every day. #EmbraceIt

COT – Takeout by @Padre

Spreadsheet from the Gloom:

Greenville?! – Dang, fancy AO.  I had no idea what what state I was even in, but it was looking like the #F3Jungle out there.  Awesome playground with endless PAIN stations and a good looking place for a workout.

Greenville PAX are official:  We never know what we are getting into when traveling to other regions, Tclaps brothers, it was awesome to meet such a fine group!!  It furthers my belief that F3 doubles as a sifter of high quality men.  Look forward to seeing you all again soon #SpartanBeast.

Launch Q’s – Bartman and Stinger, Tclaps on organizing this training. YHC thinks it was beneficial for all involved and furthered the chances for a successful launch on 4/26 in Spartanburg and beyond.

Electric City: Those were some high jumpups. Ambitious to some, but I like where your going with that! always shirtless. #SpadeASpade

Call It – After jumping in the road trip at the last second and sharing some wisdom in Greenville, Blago (and Blue) completely unredeemed themselves by imploring @Stinger’s truck (Nascar sticker) to stop by The Beacon in S’burg, so we did, and it hurt.  That place is leaving a legendary mark on my stomach ever since. Let’s not do that again anytime soon brothers. One and done. #DoubleChiliCheese #Aplenty #Hate

#BDB(Break Down Barriers) – During the last discussion around 3F, Bartman noted that he has seen F3 break down barriers between men. Well said, brother.  Having transparent friendships used to be a fleeting idea, and now it’s a reality to those that truly take to what F3 offers us.  We look forward to seeing and supporting the #IMPACT you brothers create on 4/26 in #SparkleCity.  Aye brothers.

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