F3 Hendersonville judiciously launches on Historic Courthouse steps

  • Workout Date - 12/05/2015
  • Q In Charge - Inspector Gadget
  • The PAX - FNG (Tony Carter) AT&T, FNG (Greg Fankhauser) Buckeye, FNG (Derron Connor) Indiana Jones, FNG (Chuck Still) Serena, FNG (Chuck Lusk) Stogie [War Daddy], Inspector Gadget, Saban
  • AO -

Hendersonville has been posting ‘unofficially’ since last September when former Swamp Rabbit Saban (Ken Cagle) brought the idea with him when he relocated. A steady group of 7-14 guys have been posting three days a week since then.  Obviously with that level of support it was time to make these guys official, which is what happened on this crisp Saturday morning at 5:30!  You read that right, even the Saturday workouts are at 5:30 in this mountain hamlet!  That reminds me of a favorite saying of mine from Ben Franklin:

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man HEALTHY, wealthy and wise. 

Given the proximity to Swamp Rabbit, close but not real close, it was decided to make this a concentric expansion of Swamp Rabbit initially. As Hendersonville and Asheville both grow, they will either individually or jointly form a new region.

The AO is the beautiful Historic Henderson County Courthouse, a well recognized local landmark.

Henderson County Courthouse

These guys are off to a great start and have not only already developed their fitness, but the other Fs as well. F3 Nation can expect great things from them!

The Thang:


IW IC 20

Little Arm Circles  IC 20 forward then repeato backwards

High Knees OYO 20

Squat IC 20

Merkins IC 20

Flutter Kicks IC 20

Mountain Climbers IC 20


Merkins IC 20

Freddie Mercury’s IC 20

Ark Loader

Bear Crawl to opposite side of courthouse plaza

Crab Walk back

Line up at planters for ledge

Step Ups  OYO 10

Incline Merkins OYO 10

Dips IC 20

Step Ups OYO 10

Decline Merkins OYO 10

Dips IC 20

Line up at sidewalk line

Ski Hops OYO 20

5 minute AMRAP Legs (Four Corners – run long distance, lunge the short distance)

Burpees  5

Squats  10

Burpees 5

Squats 10


Everyone encouraged to EH Mike a local man who sounds like the textbook example of a sad clown. We were all one once. Let’s reach out to him and the many others in Henderson County.

Prayers for AT&T’s daughter, the PAX involved with the Christmas program tonight.

Ball of Man:  led by IG



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