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  • Workout Date - 10/03/2023
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Mark your calendars for the first F3 Golf Classic hosted by the Area 51 Pax at Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation on Thursday, May 29th at 1:00 pm. This should be an awesome 2nd F event with all profit and proceeds benefiting the F3 Foundation.

Event Details

  • Time and Date: Thursday May 29th. Registration will start early, by 11:00 AM and it will be a 1:00 PM, Shotgun Start.
  • Cost: $90 per Player, $360 per team. Sign up as a single or as a foursome.
  • You MUST register and pay via PayPal here. Recommend grabbing your foursome and signing up as a foursome as we expect it to fill up fast.
  • Format is Captain’s choice.
  • Lunch, snacks, and beverages provided.
  • HDHH post round with all PAX invited. If you are unable to make the round then come after work and enjoy some 2nd F.

Olde Sycamore is providing:

  • PGA Professionals & Golf Coordination Team
  • Use of Driving Range and Putting Greens
  • Bag Drop Service
  • Tournament Scoreboard & Scoring
  • Organized Staging of Golf Carts
  • Special Competition Hole Set Up (Bulldog is the Competition/Games Q, should be entertaining!)
  • Personalized Rules Sheets

There are only 36 team spots available — 144 players. Hard commit today.

More Info

While a healthy portion of the team registration fees goes to F3F, the real action happens in the form of sponsorships:

Event, Hole, Graphics, Beer & Beverage, and Food. Maybe more to come…


  • Any F3 Pax or Pax’s company.
  • Friendlies: People or groups that are generally supportive of F3 and the mission. FiA, USMC Mud Run, Spartan, Muscle Driver, USNWC, OBT’s tabata timer rep, etc.
  • Healthcare providers? Greenapple, Ortho Carolina, etc.
  • Businesses that mesh well with F3: TrySports, Run for Your Life, Charlotte Running Co, that Pain Cave place, and the like.
  • HDHH or Coffeeteria establishments. Donated beer brought to you by…
  • Any of the cliques and hyper-cults within F3. For example:
    • Hole 18 brought to you by C-Rock.
    • Trap at 3rd green brought to you by SPEARHEAD (remember to rake after your low crawls, please).
    • The cart path on 6 brought to you by F3 Gears.
    • Clubhouse porch rockers brought to you by the #Refuseniks.

In true F3 fashion, this is a Reverse Flow endeavor.
These are just some ideas to get you thinking. If Combine, say, wants to pool some cash and sponsor the ladies tees on behalf of Cherokee, who are we to stop them? Okay, we will abide by the F3 bylaws and use common sense, but the goal, after all, is to raise money for the F3F. We are open to reasonable ideas.

If so inclined, Sponsors can add an “Expo” option.
We’ll have a designated Expo area for Sponsors to man tents/tables and interact with the interested Pax. This will be in the spirit of the expo areas you see at marathon packet pickups, where you go the vendor you’re are interested in. This WILL NOT be like fighting off the e-cigarette guy the mall kiosk. You go to them. They don’t go to you.

Cottonmouth (Ed Hannon) is Qing Sponsorship.
Ping him at F3Golf@gmail.com if you are interested in helping, sponsoring, or have a lead/connection. We need max participation to make this a successful event for F3F.

NOTE: If desired, Haywood and the F3F team will work with all Sponsors to make sure they get the appropriate tax credits.

Registration & Payment

Price is $90 for a single player or $360 for a four-man team. If you use a PayPal account that is NOT your own, such as your M’s or your business account, please add your hospital name to the “F3 Name” request (i.e. Bananas/Daniel Foster).

Number of Players Single $90.00 USDTeam (Four) $360.00 USD
Your F3 Name
(Optional: add hospital name)
Your Contact Email

56 thoughts on “F3 Golf Classic”

    1. Update: a strong team of hackers has coalesced around Hacker, with Mall Cop, Bugeater, and YHC (High Tide).
      Looking for bulk pricing on mulligans, putting string, ladies tees, etc…

        1. In/Paid. Team Hacker, High Tide, Mall Cop, Bugeater. Look forward to it. Hit the ball in the hole. How hard can it be? Hacker I hope my name never becomes appropriate, things would not be going well for me if so.

  1. Reluctantly IN! I would say that Burpees are more in my sweet spot than Golf!
    Good luck to the rest of my team, Stage Coach, Brown, Pudding Pop!

  2. Okay still solo… I’m not saying I’m going to carry a team, but from all of your comments, you sound pathetic. I’m a 7 handicap, let’s do this. #McPants #Wheelhouse

    1. Hey #McBogey – I didn’t graduate from the Elon of the North but I am inclined to think by calling people pathetic is probably not a good recruiting tool. It doesn’t matter anyway #fakefootballplayer – this thing is already in the books. The #southbeach trophy collection grows on May 29th. #firewood

        1. Pretty sure you don’t have a clue about people’s attitude toward the event. The A51 possee have sold out every sponsorship possible and raised a shit ton of cash for the foundation. Tclaps for that attitude. Regarding the golf…hope the unlucky 3 who pull the short straw and stuck with your sorry golf game are practicing their #iam3rd speech.

          1. Well having been one of the people on the original email trying to get people to commit… I’ll stop the pissing contest on the interwebs forum Cynthia.

  3. Thanks to Cindy and Early Bloomer who are both helping the cause, each with his own unique style…While the Jerry Springer show continues in the comments above, here’s the latest:

    –Old Sycamore has given us a couple of more days to fill the last few foursomes. The Pay Pal link will stay live for a bit longer so get it while it lasts: http://f3nation.com/2014/05/02/f3-golf-classic-update/

    –Sponsors are locked in. Appreciation campaign coming up next week.

    –Registered Pax will be getting an email next week from F3Golf@gmail.com to reply with their foursomes.

    –Iron Horse (Fishwrap Jr., or Sr?) is at work on a top secret trophy in his Fort Mill sweatshop.

    –Belk and Haywood will serve as the Official Event Historians, serving up photos, live tweets and an authentic #BelkBlast.

    –Judge Smails (a real live golfing professional) will take all comers at a Par 3 challenge.

    –For those who don’t “work” for Windstream, and can’t “check on the flux capacitor in Mint Hill” for the afternoon, we’ll hold a 19th Hole HH at the Club House afterwards (cash bar). Come heckle the groups coming in, too.

    –Through the generosity of the Pax, it looks like a big day for F3F. The icing comes with the mulligans and games on site. Bring the big bills.


  4. Foursome requests went out this morning to all Pax that registered via Pay Pal. If you paid via Pay Pal and did not get it, let us know at F3Golf@gmail.com.

    We need final pairings by EOB Monday, May 26. If you don’t have a team, we will match you up.

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