F3 Golf Classic – Update

  • Workout Date - 03/31/2023
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ONLINE REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. Email F3Golf at Gmail Dot Com for more info.


F3 Golf Classic – May 29 at 1pm – Olde Sycamore Golf Club

Final details are shaping up for the First Annual F3 Golf Classic and the Pax have stepped up in a big way to benefit the F3 Foundation.  Check out the original post HERE, with all the entry info and spreadsheeting details.


We tee off on May 29, but we owe the club hard commit numbers by MAY 15.  We are 2/3 full and climbing and expect the procrastinators to come out in full force these last two weeks. 

Help us avoid the last minute logistical gymnastics and sign up.today.  Mosey over to the REGISTRATION page and make it happen.  We can accept a few stragglers after May 15 but that will be at the club’s discretion.  So chop, chop!

Once you sign up, post a comment on this page or the original post.


The Pax have stepped up big on the sponsor side:

  • Lunch, beverages and beer sponsors are filled.  Snacks sponsor should be locked in any day now.
  • 16 of 18 Hole sponsors are filled.  Last two will be gone soon.
  • We still have some Expo sponsor spots available.  Contact the Golf Qs at F3Golf@gmail.com
  • Many generous donations from Pax and local vendors for prize packages.

Once we get the last few sponsors locked in we will update this post with the full list.  They deserve the recognition.


Lots of details still taking shape but as of today you can expect:

  • The usual fare such as mulligans for sale, long drive and closest to the hole contests, etc. BRING CASH or CHECK.  No ATM on site.
  • Our own Judge Smails, a local golf pro, will be taking on all comers at a closest to the pin hustle game at one of the Par 3s.  BRING CASH.
  • The Damaged Duo of Haywood and Belk, though on the IR, will put aside the walker and rascal to be the official scribes for event, wandering the course snapping pictures and collecting anecdotes for the #BelkBlast.
  • We will have a 19th Hole Happy Hour for Pax who can’t play but want to enjoy the merriment afterwards. Details forthcoming. Once we finish up the beer we provide, hit the cash bar for extras.
  • We will be collecting pairings from all registered golfers in the week or two before the event.  Get your horsetrading done. FNGs welcome.

Overall, this is shaping up to be a big day for the F3 Foundation.  Let’s make a final push to get those HCs in by May 15 and make it that much better.

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  1. Slimfast is in and paid for 2. Jason McKinstry and I are a twosome at the moment. We will interview for a complimentary twosome as long as you are willing to carry the bulk of the round, and regularly make 40′ putts.

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