F3 goes to Gauntlet (Part 2)

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  • Workout Date - 07/27/2016
  • Q In Charge - BOGO
  • The PAX - Carmen Sandiego, BOGO (YHC), 5 FNGs (unnamed because of no official AO but encouraged to join back home)
  • AO -

2 official F3ers joined up with 5 others on a humid morning in Daytona Beach. This is day 3 of our summer youth camp and our bodies were primed and ready for a beatdown. Here it is.


Windmill 10 IC

IW 10 IC


Mountain climber 20 IC

Plank jacks 25 IC

The Thang

Here’s a little backstory to help this all make sense. Our annual summer trip is called The Gauntlet, and this is the 11th year that we’ve done it. The following workout was concocted to spell the acronym G-A-U-N-T-L-E-T with alternating reps of 20 and 16 to represent 2016.

Mosey from the clock tower to the band shell (150 yds).

Gorilla humpers 20 IC

American hammer 16 IC

Up straddle hops (one-footed) 20 IC (switch legs, repeat)

Never cross dolly 16 IC

Tempo merkin 20 IC (Down on 3 count, up on 1)

Low country crab 16 IC

Elevated merkins 20 (10 incline merkins, 10 derkins) IC

Tricep dips 16 IC

Notables – After calling out gorilla humpers, Carmen Sandiego hit us with a “hashtag Harambe.” I felt it was too soon, but I’m sure his defense will be something along the lines of, “It’s ok because I’ve been to Africa. I have several good friends that are gorrillas.” The typical stuff… Please direct any and all hate mail to Will.Rodes@notPETA.com

The elevated merkins were conducted on benches on the boardwalk after a short mosey. Mosey back to the band shell for….


The next exercise was a mini-Dora to celebrate the lives we have already seen Jesus change. So far, 226 students have made a decision to follow Jesus. So, we partnered up. One partner ran to the band shell (80ish yards) and back, while the other partner did Big Boy Situps (symbolic of being raised from spiritual death to life). This took a lot longer than expected, and we were all feeling the burn (in honor of those who would never, in the end, feel the burn). Celebrate, people!

Mosey back to the clock tower for some 11s on the hotel stairs, in honor of the 11th year of the Gauntlet.


Single count lunges at bottom. Bobby Hurleys at the top. 20 stairs in between.


Flutters 20 IC



Quick prayer thanking God for allowing us to be a part of this week and asking Him to continue to do more!

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