F3 Dads – part 2: "Seal"ing the deal

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  • Workout Date - 06/18/2016
  • Q In Charge - SEAL
  • The PAX - 2.0's scattered everywhere!!! But we got most of them. Dads, dose them up with Ketamine or Ritalin next time. Houston 5, Renaldo, Iceman, Footloose, Slum lord, Blue Hawaii, Erector, Jack Knife, Zorro, Gryffindor, Slim, Brown Shorts, Pikachu, Latka, Grit, Iron Man, White Walker, Kinkley, Brocolli, Duplo, Bo, and the followings FNGs - Bruce, Wolfman, Turbo, Wilbur, Money bags, Iron man, Boogers, BB-8, Elsa, and Reveile
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The 2nd gathering of F3 Dads at Legacy park had 37 attendees and marks the 43rd birthday of YHC. Lot’s of #mumblechatter prior to this gathering with forecasts of another insane SEAL workout involving torturing the 2.0’s along with the Dads. Sorry to disappoint there fellas. But I save the bad stuff for the adults. I’m a big softie at heart when it comes to the kiddos. So I exercised some restraint. This time…


How about a warm-up led by my 2.0 (Bo) with some :

Windmills x20

Mountain climbers x20

Toe touches x20

Mericans x20 (more like 10)

The thang

Here is where I wanted the group to get a little taste of what herding cats can be like (How do I know? I have 4 boys). A short Indian run from the SF down to the lake. Regroup. LOL. Run back up. Try not to stampede the other families on the path way. Regroup again.

Water balloon toss. Each Dad/2.0 team takes a water grenade and stands 5 ft apart. Toss balloon then take a step back. Drop your balloon, and it’s 15 burpees. However, for every step back you go, deduct 1 burpee from your final payout. I believe it was Zorro and his 2.0 that get top awards here. T-claps to this deadbeat dad/son team. Oops, I meant dynamic dad/son team. I think most of us were eliminated on the first round. Sorry, not sorry.

Next up was the Limbo, F3 style. First run was under a pool noodle at chest height. Touch the noodle and it’s 15 burpees. deduct a burpee for each successful pass under the noodle. Turns out we got some limber dudes at F3 Dads. Top scores go to White Walker (benefits of being short and pissed off at the world). As for 2.0’s, they had the advantage here. But that was short lived.

And now for the final event. The standing broad jump. A rope was held at 6 inches off the ground and raised in height gradually for each successful pass. Start off at 15 burpees again and take one away for each successful pass. Naturally, 2.0’s get a little help from dad. It came down to Iceman, Blue Hawaii, and Grit for top honors. I do not recall which one actually bested the others. All that matters is that it still fell short of the foxhole dive that YHC demonstrated. For the record, that one really hurts the older you get. Could be part of the reason YHC couldn’t walk afterwards (pulled groin muscle).

Time was up and Mary would have to wait (sorry Brown shorts. You’ll get your jollies making us do Boxcutters later). Plenty of FNGs to name.


Footloose has the next F3 dads Q on July 23rd (I think that’s right)

Prayed us out.




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