F3 Custom N.O.G.O.A

  • Workout Date - 09/23/2023
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Earlier this year, we proposed the idea of an F3 Custom GORUCK Heavy.  Based on feedback from those who expressed interest, we have modified our proposal to a unique event that GORUCK has only offered once before, but is willing to do for us—NOGOA.

NOGOA stands for “No One Gets Out Alive.”  It is a skills-based orienteering event that is structured around military training movements.  Think of it as a Heavy/Navigator hybrid.   There is no welcome party, no PT, and there are no bricks.  You read that right—no bricks (which won’t matter because you’ll have the equivalent amount of gear weight in your ruck).  We will be tasked with moving as a team through the mountains of Asheville while simulating evasion and attack movements.  It is the closest thing civilians can do to a true military training.

For those of you wondering if this is enough of a challenge.  It is.  Like every other GORUCK event, there is a standard.  Failure to meet the standard produces predictable results, and you all know what that means.  For those who want additional detail, here’s a link to a NOGOA AAR.


  • Location:  Asheville, NC
  • Cost: $240/person
    • Capped at 60 participants, first come first served
    • Price Includes Registration, T-Shirt, and an Awesome Time
  • Date/Time: July 31st 20:00 hours – August 1st 20:00 hours (yeah, right)
  • Miscellaneous:
    • GORUCK will provide most of the stuff we need for missions. This is important as none of us will need to go out and buy a rappelling harness for example (i.e. no further investment). Packing list will be provided but assume food, good hiking gear, headlamp, etc.

12 thoughts on “F3 Custom N.O.G.O.A”

  1. From the AAR:
    My advice for NOGOA? RUCK long. Ruck Heavy. Ruck Often. Learn foot care, Land navigation, and Knots. That will help you complete the event.

    Time to ruck it up boys. Been a while since I loaded it down heavy, but I use mine all the time.

  2. I swore (with profanity) that I was a one-and-done after Snow Ruck. But in and paid for this custom heavy. So I am up for some mountain NOGOA ruck training, perhaps at Cramer Mountain or maybe Linville Gorge. Looks like the GR2 might be ideal for this event. Does anyone know when the gear list will come out?

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