F3 Columbia GoRuck Custom Challenge (Nov 21) Preblast

  • Workout Date - 09/23/2023
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The GORUCK Challenge is a team event, never a race. Think of it as a slice of Special Operations training where – from start to finish — a Special Operations Cadre challenges, teaches, and inspires your small team to do more than you ever thought possible. Leadership is taught and teamwork is demanded on missions spanning the best of your city. The hardest part? Signing up.

Last summer Mission starting wearing a weight vest to Brickpile workouts. I inquired about his new fashion statement and he told me he was training for a GoRuck Challenge. After learning a bit more about the GoRuck Challenge, I wanted nothing to do with it.

But over the last year, something changed. I’ve now understand that the Challenge is about much more than carrying around a pack full of bricks for 12 hours; It’s about building leadership skills and creating a team.

Once you talk to a guy from The Nation who’s done a GoRuck, you’ll be sold too.


On November 21st, F3 Columbia will host it’s first GoRuck Custom Challenge. The GoRuck challenge is a 10+ hour event led by former special operations vet (the cadre).  Our event will be a custom event in the sense that we’re putting together our team (from F3) and choose the date, and GoRuck tailors the event for our group.

The F3 Nation and GoRuck have a great relationship. They’ve put on over a dozen events with F3 and give us a deep discount on registration because they believe in the mission (the other mission, not Vipperman).


Event registration will be $100 for 35 pax. At 36, we’ll need to add another cadre to the mix and the cost goes up.


A couple months prior to the GRCC, we’ll hold weekly ruck-focused workouts to get us ready. These events also serve as a way for the group to get to know each other prior to the GRCC.


By far the most frequent question I’ve heard is “do I need to buy a $300 backpack”? The short answer is no. A GoRuck back is not required. May guys are already picking up rucks at Army surplus stores, eBay, Craigslist, or on the F3 Nation forum. If you decide you want a GoRuck pack, they will give us a 25% discount on gear once we have made our deposit for our GRCC.

Also, we’ll hold a gear session at a local outfitter prior to the event.

Time To Hard Commit

If you are in, please sound off your hard commit in the comments section below. I’ll put $ on it that Chaser get’s there first…

More Info on the Interwebs

The GoRuck Challenge

I Just Signed Up for the GORUCK Challenge … Now What Do I Do? Your GORUCK FAQs Answered


I’ll be posting updates to the pre bast here:

  1. The event will take place in Columbia. Plan on 7pm Friday night => 7am Saturday morning.
  2. Registration: We’ll need to make a deposit on the event pretty soon. I’ll put the deposit on my credit card this Friday, August 1. I’ll send each of you a PayPal $ request for $52. The other $52 will be due September 15th.
  3. Once we’ve paid our deposit, each of you will get a link to register on GoRuck.com, and will receive a 20% off coupon that you can use to buy one of their slick rucks, if you choose to do so. Again, a GoRuck pack is not required to take part in this event. All that is required is that you want to have a good time and be a part of the team. Hell, you can do the Challenge with a Hello Kitty Jansport with the right attitude. The Army/Navy store has a good selection of rucks for around $50 that will do just fine. Better yet, borrow one…



125 thoughts on “F3 Columbia GoRuck Custom Challenge (Nov 21) Preblast”

    1. Robber- I have a buddy that works with me in Cola, but lives in St Matthews and is not a member of F3 bc of the distance. We’ve been working towards doing a GoRuck in Myrtle Beach on the same date, but I would rather do the one with F3… Can he sign up with us?
      BTW- I’m a HC! (Since I didn’t earlier specify.)

      Thanks -TnT

      1. He means that… he was actually chewing on this poor guy. ‘Witness must have tasted terrible, too, considering the body odor. Fear will make you stink like that. In fact, I think I smell a little fear out there right now… #ProveMeWrong

  1. Guys, I’ve added some info the the pre blast. We’ve hit 35 so we’ll need to add another cadre to the mix. Please work the $50 deposit into your August budget. I’ll send out a PayPal request next week.

  2. Robber delicately informed me this morning (he does most things delicately) that although I have on multiple occaisions given him my HC for this event, it’s not official until I post here. Consider this my Hard Commit, Mr. Robber.

    1. It only hurts til the pain goes away, and pain is temporary, pain is weakness leaving the body, the only pain that matters is the pain you inflict, {insert any other pain-referencing cliche you can think of]

      Hee-Haw out

      PS — The pain in my hamstring has subsided if it ever really hurt at all, see y’all in the Gloom…and stuff

  3. Gents, I’ve had a couple guys tell me they did not receive the PayPal invoice for registration. If you need me to resend it, just let me know.

    We’ve got 42 guys signed up with many strong prospects that may need a little help getting over the fear of taking on the Challenge. Jump in and give them a little push if they need it.

  4. Make it 43, I’m in! Just found out that Kim Jung HC’d so of course I have to see this. Also, had a blast with Ranger and group 3 at the Cottonmouth. Robber, I have sent you an email.

  5. Lots of questions about the registration link and 20% discount at GORUCK.

    Here’s what I did:

    1. Create an account at GORUCK.com
    2. Then click the link in the email I sent you (after you paid via PayPal).
    3. You’ll see the 20% discount on all GORUCK bags and gear, but not the kits.

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