F-300 Introduced at The Station

  • Workout Date - 04/09/2015
  • Q In Charge - Mab Mab
  • The PAX - Grrr, Itunes, Wally, Playdough, Cockroach, Squirrel Butt, Lizard Lick, Mab Mab (YHC)
  • AO -

8 PAX showed up to get Schooled this morning and have the letter F burned into the minds. YHC heard mentions of Ultimate Frisbee, but denied the PAX and introduced them to F-300. Here’s the play-by-play.

Conditions: 67 degrees, clear, and PERFECT

Warm Up:
25 SSH Quick Cadence SSH
20 Windmills
20 Flat foot vertical jumps OYO

The Main Thang:
Let’s Mosey- sidewinder run on the hill next to City Hall…and then over to the big field on other side of the fountain.
Split into 2 groups for a fast paced Indian Run. Run across field and back 3X. T-Claps to Squirrel Butt for solid effort here!
Mosey up Poinsett to the corner of Cannon.
Grab a Peoples Chair and then do
20 Leg Lifts while in Peoples Chair IC

(Definition: F Shaped Dora 3-3-3)
Partner up-
The Dora 3-3-3 Portion
300 Merkins, 300 Squats, 300 LBCs
Bottom leg of the F:
Other PAX is Bear Crawling two street lamps, Crab Walking two street lamps, lunge walking two street lamps-
First Perpendicular Leg on F:
step into first alley and do 10 split leg lunges on knee wall each leg-
T-Claps To Lizard Lick for adding the Merlot obstacle to this alley
Second Perpendicular Leg on F:
run to the next alley and do 10 Skull Crushers OYO,
Run back to relieve first PAX on the 300 portion. Rinse and repeat until all reps are complete.

Mid way through F-300 we have a train- 10 Burpees OYO!

Line back up in Peoples Chair:
15 Leg Lifts while in Peoples Chair IC
10 Donkey Kicks OYO… a true crowd pleaser!

Mosey back to for COT- sorry Mary, no love today. Ran out of time.

Pray for all brothers racing in USMC Mud Run- the F3 Superbowl- if you didnt’ get signed up October is right around the corner for your next chance. Start planning now!

Jackalope May 16th- check out all the good info on it- go ahead and sign up for it.

Praise for Cockroach as he got new job and is starting in 2 weeks! Congrats!

Prayers for LIzard Lick and his wife, and their baby in the oven. Having some kidney issues and having follow up Ultrasound on Monday to get more. Prayers for healing for their little one, and for Lizard Lick as he leads his wife and encourages her.


That’s all folks. Such a great morning leading the PAX. Solid effort this morning men. Keep those clear eys and full hearts as we remember the sacrifice that was made for us, and for the blessing of these bodies to do what we do every day.

God bless-
Mab Mab

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