Extreme Week Bells

  • Workout Date - 08/14/2020
  • Q In Charge - PineTar
  • The PAX - Punchlist, Peekaboo, Sammy, SoccerMom, Duggar, Playdoh, IceMan, Cockpit, Heidi, Benign, Courtesy Flush, The Muff, Dr Phil, Swamp Guinea, Dexter, Pretty Lovin' Guy, Bubba Gump, FNG - Chief Noc-a-Homa, YHC
  • AO - Pitchfork


Seal jacks x 25 IC

5 burpees OYO

Windmill x 20 IC

5 burpees OYO

Monkey Humpers x 15 Ic


Mosey to speedway

Split PAX in 2 groups for 60 man makers. One group runs a lap while others man-make. Keep repping til last runner is in. The lowest number of reps among the PAX is counted and added to the total. To 60.

Dan Taylor – 1 squat to 4 lunges with weights up to 5 & 20

Sprints along canopy (up and back) x 5 in two groups

Curls and OH press ladder – 5 of each, 10 of each, 15 of each, 20 of each

Mosey back to flags for Mary and COT


BBSU x 25 on my count

Flutter kick x 25 IC

American Hammers x 25 IC


ANNC – Extreme week wrap up – 2 WO’s tomorrow, 2nd one being at Silver Leaf Subdivision at 11am (final WO) with BBQ at the pool to follow at noon. Bring $5 per person, $20 per family unless you are Duggar then bring $100. BYOB. Iron Pax challenge in September – sign up. Link is on Twitter and F3 Greenwood is where to look.

PRAYERS – Zebco’s M with kidney stones, YHC’s father in law with COVID-like sickness, our educators and school administrators, and for strength to lead and set the good example in our community for each of us during these difficult times.

Always an honor and privilege to lead you guys. Great to see so many faces. Don’t let it take Extreme Week to get get you out of the fart sack!! Home stretch!