Extreme Gideon's House Makeover PreBlast

  • Workout Date - 07/30/2016
  • Q In Charge - Affordable Care Act
  • The PAX - All PAX and Sad Clowns alike...... we can get more bacon.
  • AO -

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen…. and MOVE THAT BUS!

Bet you didn’t see THAT coming, did you?  Okay so our renovation project won’t be as dramatic as the real Makeover shows or traumatic as this clip, but it will be an improvement, nonetheless.

On August 2nd, Gideon’s House’s greatest F3 warrior will graduate.  @Bondo prayed for us this morning at COT.  In his prayer, he thanked God for this group of men and what we’re doing for the community.  He is eager to tour the other AOs.  The first one he has his sights on is the #Crucible (and I will be the poor…yet proud soul that brings him).  He’s lost over 40 pounds this year alone.  That’s not all F3’s doing, but still speaks to his transformation.  He helped @Flay and @Spongebob prepare a Christmas breakfast for us last December.  He ran in the Mud Run just a few months ago with @InspectorGadget.  

So on July 30th, I’d like to invite you to a special breakfast to enjoy our brother one last time at the house.  Not only will we enjoy a workout at the hands of YHC (and whoever wants to join me) and a hearty breakfast cooked by @Footloose (and anyone else that raises their hand), the real magic will happen as we construct pull-up bars for the AO to enjoy for years to come.  No no no, not the 8 foot tall bars at #TheBurbs.  These will be totally regulation size… I hope.  After construction, the bars will be branded and dedicated with the name that built this place.  These bars will be known as the @Bondo bars.

This is a CONVERGENCE, hopefully of epic proportions.  I know its the middle of summer and there will be those on vacation or have other plans.  I hope all that have the opportunity to join us will do so.  Here are the deets:

  • What:  Downpainment, Breakfast, and @Bondo Bars
  • When:  Saturday, July 30th.
  • Time:  Workout at 6:00am, Breakfast/ Fellowship/ Pull-up bar duty at 7:00am
  • Where:  Gideon’s House.
  • Who:  All PAX welcome as always.
  • How:  By all means necessary.  We need help in all areas, so please let me know what you can offer.  Cooks?  Qs?  Builders?  All hands on deck.  This is what I do.  I think of an idea and hope you guys can figure it out.  Good luck!

I hope to see you there, Swamp Rabbit.  Please leave any questions / suggestions / comments / selfies(what?) / ideas in the comments section.



2 thoughts on “Extreme Gideon's House Makeover PreBlast”

  1. Inspector Gadget

    This is a great idea and I encourage everyone to show up on 7/30.


    Bondo and fellow Gideon House resident Show Me, will be graduating from the House on AUGUST 2nd. at 6:00pm. Please make plans to support our brothers for this momentous achievement in their lives. I have attended a couple of these graduations and each one has been truly inspirational. It only lasts 30-40 minutes and is truly a day they will remember the rest of their lives. Come see the life changing work that Homes of Hopes does everyday in our community.

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