Exploring New Territories in the 'Burbs

  • Workout Date - 03/27/2023
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18 pax got out of the fartsack for a #getmovinmonday

The Thang

–  Warm-up

COP 1 (near the dumpsters, little did we know that they would smell better than Pumpkin on this morning.  What did that boy eat for Easter?)

25 x SSH (IC)

20 x IW (IC)

20 x Air Squats (IC)

Let the journey begin, our first time off MRP campus.


–  Run to the end of the parking

COP 2:  Jack Webb to 7 (YHC cannot count, did a couple extra air presses for the heck of it)

–  Run down Edgewood road Circle end up on Fisher Rd

COP 3: (merkin love, where is Snowden?)

10 x merkins (4 ct IC)

10 x diamond merkins (4 ct IC)

10 x werkins (4 ct IC)


–  Run down Shady Ln. to grassy spot next to Mitchell Rd.

COP 4 (a little core)

20 x LBC (IC)

15 x Rt LBC (IC)

15 x Lt LBC (IC)

15 x flutters


–  Run to the bottom of the parking lot

Backwards bare crawl to the top of the hill, and mosey back to where we started.  That would be a mile!


Let’s do it again but harder!

–  Backwards run to end of parking lot


–  Edgewood Rd.  Reverse Indian run (if there is a better name for this let me know): line up in formation 4 in each line  The group does a slow mosey while front row sprints out an back 25 to 40 yards and ends at the back of formation. Rinse and repeat until we are on Shady lane.  The pax mosey was a bit fast, so YHC decided to slow them down.


–  Shady Lane

Same thing down shady ln. but instead of mosey we did walking lunges while front row sprinted out and back (quads felt this)


–  Mitchell Road

Jail break to bottom of the parking lot at MRP


–  Pain Stations (split into 3 groups)

10 pull-ups

15 derkins

20 dips

Rinse and repeat x 3

–  Mosey to parking lot where we started.  Mile 2 complete

–  Mary courtesy of Hardhat

Leg raises x 20 (IC)

Flutters x 20 (IC)

Rosalita x 20 (IC)

Freddy Mercury x 20 (IC)

Smoked! by Hardhat

–  Naked Moleskin

Continued prayers for Golden Sombrero’s dad, as he continues treatment.  And prayers for those who died or got injured two weekends ago at the Raleigh rock & roll marathon and the good will mud run in Greenville.  Go get your heart checked,  1D knows a good Dr.?  Prayers for all those unspoken concerns.


Big bang Spartanburg is next Saturday April 26.  Need a big showing from G’ville, all planning on legacy work out should head to Duncan park in downtown Spartanburg.  Details will be communicated throughout the week.  We have two full teams for BRR and looking to put together a possible  3rd team that could commit by end of May.

Longbottom out!

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