Everything is Awful!

  • Workout Date - 06/07/2023
  • Q In Charge - Tiny Dancer
  • The PAX - Catholic Rabbit, Whoopie!, Seal, Gauge (HateHateHate), Boomhauer (Almost), Padre, Keystone (Almost), Tiny Dance (HateHateHate), Brown Shorts, Gluten (Respect), Quaker (Respect), T-Bag, Drama Queen (Re-christened), Domer Simpson, Duplo, Slug, Inspector Gadget (Respect), Stem Cell, Squints (Spelling?), Youkilis.
  • AO -

Everything is indeed, awful.  Especially when doing an entire workout to the same repetitive three minute pop song.  It becomes even worse when that pop song is the second worst song of all time, right next to the Whip and Nae Nae. Yes, you know what I’m talking about: Everything is awesome.

I thought of this in the car on the way home from another workout a few weeks ago.  I thought, “What if we could actually do something with the coupons besides working our arms and running.”  And from that emerged the following madness:

The Warmup:

30x SSH (you should expect this from me by now).

We Mosey’d on over around Marathon Church and to the Basketball Court the long way.  We went ahead with another thing you should expect from me by now:  MEXICAN SQUATS!!!  We did 10x of those and then split into groups, and here is where the fun starts.

The Thang:

Group 2 stayed at the basketball court doing some AMRAP LBCs.  It was during this time that Everything is Awesome started playing.  I joined group 1 (even though, as I later realized, I was a 2), and we Mosey’d on up to grab some blocks.  10 of us Mosey’d on back and placed down our blocks, replacing group 1 with the AMRAP LBCs.  They came back with their blocks and we recovered.

We went quickly to 21 guns, pulling off in quick succession 7 bottom halves, 7 top halves, and 7 full range.  Then, we made our block tower.

For some reason, I thought it would be pain enough to build the tower, but I found out that the most painful thing was the music.  However, let it be known that whenever the PAX need to work harder, you can turn Whoopie!s sarcasm into reality.

So, at his suggestion, we made two block towers and did Mexican Squats over the two foot towers in separate groups.  After five times around doing that, we all split into groups of four and did Derkins on the edge of the block towers.

Thereafter, we took apart the block towers and, still holding our blocks, walked/ran/tripped/hobbled (circle any that apply), to the picnic shelter.  We did a new exercise which I called the Fourty-Somethings, which involved the following:

7x Pull-ups

10x Mexican Squats

5x full ranger curls

10x Mexican Squats

8x Pull-ups

Yes, I am Pharaoh.  Fear me.

I feel it necessary to add that no one asked why they were called Fourty-Somethings.  If they do, I’ll tell them, but they didn’t.

For the final part of the workout, we got into a shoulder-to-shoulder line up and did a bucket-brigade tower, in which we sent bricks down from one end to the other, and built a tower.  Then we would take down the blocks and put the tower on the opposite side of the line.

TClaps to Seal for shattering the PaperCoupon.  Yes, you all know what I mean.  That one which didn’t get enough concrete, is about 5 pounds lighter, and everyone tries to get.  Consider yourself thwarted.

Everything After:

Prayers for Gadget’s Boss, and for Dy-no-mite’s mom, Mrs. Jordan.  Toys for Tots Convergence next Thursday.

Don’t miss it.

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  1. That block had to go. But I have good news. I found a replacement! Same size as the block I destroyed, but solid concrete. It’s brutal!

    I’ll be mixing her in with the pile tomorrow. Feel sorry for the poor guy that grabs this block.

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