Everyone Else Was Doing It

  • Workout Date - 10/07/2022
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

6 men (incl 1 FNG) posted at #TheBurbs for a different kind of #beatdown.

SSH x20
Merkins x12 slow ct
IW x15

Mosey to the brick pile and grab a cinder block and take it to the parking lot (where there is some light)….
Deck O Death (with blocks)
Hearts – man makers
Diamonds – curls
Clubs – squats
Spades – flutters (dc)
After every 5th card, take a hot lap around the parking lot
Here’s the sequence of cards…..
6 spades
3 diamonds
5 spades
4 spades
4 clubs
2 spades
3 hearts
2 diamonds
Ace (14) spades
3 spades
2 hearts
3 clubs
7 hearts
9 diamonds
10 spades
Lap – at this point, we all realized we’d only seen 1 face card #ruhruhraggy
8 diamonds
6 spades
9 spades
6 hearts
7 diamonds
Lap – still only 1 face card
5 hearts
6 diamonds
5 clubs
8 spades
7 spades
Lap – I’m getting accused of stacking the deck, even though they saw me shuffle and cut the cards before beginning the workout
5 diamonds
4 hearts
4 diamonds
King (13) of spades
9 clubs
Lap – finally another face card, but only two total
8 clubs
10 hearts
King (13) diamonds
Queen (12) diamonds
Queen (12) spades
Lap – and there it was, the dam is open, the seal has been broken…
Jack (11) spades
7 clubs
Ace (14) diamonds
2 clubs
King (13) hearts
Ace (14) clubs
Queen (12) clubs
Ace (14) hearts
Queen (12) hearts
King (13) clubs
We did LBC’s in lieu of a lap – the last set was the DOD mocking @HardHat #allfacecards
Jack (11) clubs
Jack (11) hearts
And with that we ran out of time…..
Here’s what we didn’t get to, in order…
10 clubs
9 hearts
Jack diamonds
8 hearts
10 diamonds

Naked Moleskin
– Great work by the group. Especially the guys who had already done a DOD once this week. Finished the workout with 10 of 12 cards being face cards #ouch
– This was a popular workout choice this week as it made 3 appearances – MainThang, Hurricane Alley and Burbs
– #Tclaps to FNG Josh. Clemson grad from Aiken so we named him “The Fridge”. Almost went with a pro wrestling name since he was HL’d by @NatureBoy.

– F3Golf Tourney next Thurs, 10/20. Sign up. If you can’t make it, you can still donate as all proceeds go to the Swamp Rabbit F3Foundation
– Hope relay is 11/12. Get a team of 4 together.

– @Longbottom’s sister
– @HardHat’s coworker
– All those on the east coast impacted by Hurricane Matthew
– Some PAX struggling with their marriage

See ya in the gloom….