Everybody cut #footloose #F3Dads

  • Workout Date - 07/16/2016
  • Q In Charge - Footloose
  • The PAX - Seal, Bo, Perry Mason, Candy Yam(FNG), Olive Oil(FNG), Hambone(FNG), Blue Hawaii, Ironman, Almond Joy, RuckSack(FNG), Twix(FNG), Erector, Marshall, Miles, BB8, Zip-It, Etch-A-Sketch(FNG), High King Peter(FNG), Wolfman, Iceman, Ronaldo, HotRod, Quickie, Footloose, Turbo, Wilbur
  • AO -

#F3Dads has been a huge success the past couple of months in #SwampRabbitland and YHC wanted to get in on the action. YHC was quite excited as this gives me the opportunity to post with PAX on my level! Numbers were great again as 26 #faithful showed up with 6 FNG’s to name (more on that later).

Here’s how it went down:
SSH x 12; Robot walk x 12; Dive Bombers x 12 (YHC had to at least get to #YOleven during warmup). Now that we are warmed-up #F3style let’s warmup #Footloosestyle Queue the music #chachaslide I think this let the 2.0’s really see the fun that working out can be…#Itstimetogetfunky It was great seeing the 2.0’s and the Dads get into this one. Blue Hawaii was smiling ear-to-ear with idea of a dance routine! Now that we’re warmed-up let’s #mosey.

YHC set up four cones for a #relay. Dads run first and then run AGAIN with each 2.0. #sorrynotsorry Erector…three 2.0’s
10 x line hops at first cone – bear crawl to second
10 x SSH – bear crawl to third
10 x Carolina Dry Docks – bear crawl to fourth
10 x mountain climbers – sprint back to start for next up!
#Dads started feeling this one!
T-CLAPS to Iceman for racing his two 2.0’s and #winning

Next up, #YOleven’s with BB Situps and Squats. #mumblechatter begins “Footloose, this is like a normal #beatdown good grief!” I knew we had a good one going b/c everybody was #workinghard and #smilesabound
T-CLAPS to Almond Joy for his use of the #humanRuckSack known as his 2 month old! See pics on #datwitta for #proof

Next up, #DumpTrucks! Split 2.0’s up at either end of the cones. Dad’s #loadup one no his back and run to the other end…drop off and #reload 2.0’s seemed to LOVE this one! #T-CLAPS to Iceman and Erector for #doublefisting halfway through carrying two 2.0’s.

Let’s slow it down a bit and mosey around to 1D Hill and say “Hi!” to the #FiA group. While here, link arms for #LineSquats IC

#Mosey back to the #ShovelFlag for #MOM At this point, 2.0’s and Dad’s were showing #wear so we did a couple of exercises and called it a day!

Naked Moleskin: YHC had an absolute BLAST leading this group. The energy, attitude and hard work of the PAX was absolutely infectious! We are all lucky and blessed to live in #America and have awesome 2.0’s to lead the #NextGeneration

Continued prayers for Caliendo,
Golden Sombrero’s mom diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer
and many others

Welcome FNG’s – Candy Yams (doesn’t like Sweet Potatoes, Olive Oil (likes spinach), Hambone (see previous names…we were tired by this point!), Rucksack (Almond Joy carried him around during the workout and even did squats with him), Twix (Dad is Almond Joy, Mom is Mounds), Etch-A-Sketch (loves to draw) and High King Peter (loves Chronicles Narnia

Always a pleasure to lead the PAX…but even more special when the 2.0’s are involved! #makingmemories #raisethemright #getoutdoors



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