Ernie Banks Merkin Roll

  • Workout Date - 05/07/2015
  • Q In Charge - Affordable Care Act
  • The PAX - Mary, Fred, WitWiz, Look Out Below, Strange Brew, Noah, Mab Mab, Murdoc, Snap Hook, Taneyhill, Gymboree, Affordable Care Act (YHC), my apologies to the one PAX my video missed!
  • AO -

On a morning when the Cubs Hall of Famer would have definitely said “Let’s play two!”, 13 faithful PAX graced The Strip for four innings [Harry Doyle covers the mic, “Four innings?  That’s all we finished?  Four ___ ____ innings?”].  Yes, the VQ spent the better part of last night structuring nine innings of perfection, most of which was lost on time, and as a result, a legend rolls over in his grave.

First things first, let’s grab some Big League Chew.  Good grief, how am I still alive? I used to eat this stuff.  Is this a legal amount of sugar in children’s gum?  I would have brought the real chew, but didn’t feel like dodging merlot.  Let’s get to the action!

Warm Up

SSH X 25 (today they were called Milwaukee Brewers)
Imperial Walkers X 25 (today they were called Intentional Walkers)
Double Applesauce “Cleveland” Indian Run with two baseball bats used to stretch the upper body as we ran
Hillbillies X25 (today they were called Hill Billy Beanes)
Happy Jacks X 5 (today they were called “Cracker Jacks”)

The Thang

1st inning – I was taught early on  to “Climb the Ladder” as a pitcher. So let’s climb Jacob’s ladder with burpees at the top of our favorite hill (X7).

2nd inning – From pitchers to catchers, at the top of the hill we did Dan Taylors (renamed Jake Taylors today since our knees would feel like the Major League star after these. Second base!)

3rd inning – Merkin Roll X20 / Crazy 8 / dips (Kodiaks today) X 25 / Crazy 8

4th inning – I skipped the fourth inning to get to the fifth. Time was running out and I needed to have the noise brought on these guys. The what? [“Just hike the ball, nut job!”] Okay, then. On to the top of the 5th!

Top of the 5th inning – Team 1 Dora 1,2,3s. Team 2 heads to the hill for a little arm in arm backwards climb.

Bottom of the 5th (Mickey Mantle’s favorite half inning!) – Switcharoo!


Mountain Climbers X20
American League Hammers X20


Prayers for Josiah.
Prayers for Ford Sweeny.

ACA out.


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