Erector Sets of Fun

  • Workout Date - 08/30/2016
  • Q In Charge - Erector
  • The PAX - Biofreeze, Bill Nye The Science Guy, Payday, Almond Joy, Grr, Lizard Lick, Qui Qui, Spandex, Bob Barker, Footloose, Schwinn, Kindergarten Cop, Rolodex, Clean Needle, No Bars, Draw String, Alfred, Wally
  • AO -
19 PAX joined in for some Erector Sets of fun.  Welcome 2 FNG’s Payday (Eric Tonnsen – Almond Joys older Brother who is a Lawyer), and Draw String (Andrew Shirk – Spandex’s younger Brother)
22 ssh
20 Merkins
20 Hill Billy’s
The Thang:
Mosey to the Pond for a Bartman special – some Criss Cross Applesauce Partner 1 takes off in one direction and Partner 2 takes off in the other, when meeting back up with your partner complete 5 burpees, continue running and when you meet back up with our partner complete 10 lunges, 15 merkins, Rinse and repeat x 2 total
Mosey to the Amphitheater for some Up and Over
180 jump squats at bottom, Box Jumps Up, 5 Burpies at top, run down hill, 180 Jump Squats at bottom, Joe Hendricks back up hill, 5 Burpies at top, run back down steps – Completing 1 Set –  rinse and repeat (x 3 total)
15 min of Core:
Mosey to the playground at the bottom of the big circle for some Duck duck goose core with the chooser of the exercise sprinting around the big circle while the men left behind AMRAP the exercise until thine returnith. 
Flutters, LBC’s, heels to heaven, erectors, 6″, mountain climbers, big boys, Dolly’s, Rosie’s, Billy idols, plank, Freddie murcery’s, back scratchers
Finish off with 10 superman burpees for Spicily and those fighting cancer and suffering in silence.

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