Epee's Obligatory Birthday Q

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  • Workout Date - 02/22/2016
  • Q In Charge - Epee
  • The PAX - Teddy Bear, Ditka, Mudpuppy, Uncle Remus, Data, Caliendo, Third Base, Data, Yentl, Pacer, Epee
  • AO -

When the Matinee actually falls on one’s birthday, there is no choice other than Q it!

Unfortunately for the pax the older we are the harder it gets!


42x Hillbillys

The Thang:

Mosey up to the Cistern

Feet on the cistern and wall walk starting towards the left while Q call down for merkin. 30 merkins  while moving to the left. Quick 10 count then start again towards the right for another 12 merkins for a total of 42 merkins while moving.

Mosey to halfway up Governor’s Hill

42s? Kind of a modified Dora / Liberty 500 for 42 reps each

Partner up

P1 Backwards run up the rest of the hill to white line / forwards run down

P2 does exercise – Switch.  Keep going until everyone has done 42 each of the following exercises


Right Hand Curbkins (right hand on curb merkins)

Left Hand Curbkins


Lunges (42 each leg)

Mosey to back to stage for quick Mary

42x Rosalita Wip


Prayers for Uncle Remus’ brother, Teddy Bear’s dad, and Yentl’s friend all dealing with various forms of cancer- some treatable and some not.  Please hold them all up, along with their friends and family that they find strength, wisdom, and peace.

Naked Moleskin:

It’s always great to be among friends on your birthday and awesome to meet new ones.  Welcome to Caliendo for his first non-morning workout – Watch out for the spectators!  Thanks to Yentl for bring the merlot to the party!  There is no higher compliment for a Q!

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