Endless Bucket List

  • Workout Date - 11/23/2016
  • Q In Charge - Whittle
  • The PAX - Quaker, Clarinet, Fargo, Abacus, BOGO, Water boy, Flow Rider, Partner, Beanie Weenie, Grizzly, Mr. Belding, Francis, Hampton Yarborough (FNG - The Governor), Brown Shorts, Keystone, Tiny Dancer, 12th Man
  • AO -

YHC showed up this morning looking for some help from the PAX to complete my Bucket List before the end of the year. They all put it in high gear and smoked it. I cut up my list and but it in a bucket. There were 27 different exercises with multiple copies of each (107 to be exact). Each man came up and picked out an exercise at random and they all began to execute for 1 minute all at the same time. It was really awesome to see 18 guys doing different exercises at the same time. It looked like a disorganized mad house on steroids. But first it was


Imperial Walkers, Mountain Climbers & Side Straddle Hops.


The Endless Bucket List as described above.

Took a little break from the bucket list and marched over to the bleachers to stretch their legs for Dips & Derkins.  Started at the bottom of the bleachers with 10 Dips. Marched to the top of the bleachers for 1 Derkin. Back down for 9 Dips and back up for 2 Derkins. Completed OYO until they finished up with 1 Dip at the bottom and 10 Derkins at the top.

Back to the Shovelflag for more Endless Bucket List craziness until time was called for the morning.


There was plenty of Flutter Kicks and American Hammers… etc. in the bucket this morning!



Thanksgiving Convergence, Legacy Park, 6:15 carpools leaving from Hurricane Alley and Powder Keg, Workout starts at 0700.

Dream Center 5K on Dec 10th.

Swamp Rabbit Christmas Party Dec 10th  Spalding Farm– bring a side dish and $10/adult, family friendly event.

No Hurricane Alley Workout on Friday.

Irreverent Warrior 22K was a big success on 19 Nov.


Whittle’s bladder procedure today.

Brown Short’s mom upcoming triple by-pass first week of December.


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