EM's Doubledown/Double Q

  • Workout Date - 08/29/2015
  • Q In Charge - Earthmover
  • The PAX - Dawn Patrol EM, Tatonka Legacy - J-WOW, FNG Herky (Kevin Moore), Double Windsor, White Walker, Tatonka (doubledown), Soul Plane (double respect/STUD), The Tickler LBP, Matlock ,Gift Wrapper, Earthmover (QIC, doubledown)
  • AO -

YHC answered the call from Flay yesterday to Q the lately sparsely attended Dawn Patrol. I signed up for this… I was not anticipating a doubledown Q but that’s what happened. Here’s the recap of both Dawn Patrol and Legacy.

Dawn Patrol
Roll in at 5:45 to find a car with a Florida license plate. Looks like it’s just 2 of us. Tatonka from F3theFort (now living in FL) is in town for a wedding and made the crazy but wise decision to get out of the hotel fartsack to work off the fun of Friday night and early Saturday morning in downtown Greenville. YHC was prepared with a #curveball workout so off we went to run around the block. It’s a big block BTW and you missed YHC and my #unicorn glow in the dark yellow F3 shirt.

Left out of #legacy to Woodruff. Left on Woodruff to Laurens. Left on Laurens to Verdae. Left on Verdae back to Legacy. +- 3 miles with 5 or 6 stops for pain stations. Yes Flay we did some SSH along with squats, rows, lunges walks, merkins etc. Dips/derkins/step ups and Mary when we get back to #legacy. Tatonka and YHC all set to head off to our Saturday and noticed the #legacy crew was Qless. YHC steps in for on the fly Q


Warmup with SSH (for Flay), Hillbillies, IW, plank jacks

Mosey down to big grassy hill (BGH??) for 11s
double count lunges at bottom, bear crawl up, merkins at top. Nothing like fresh cut wet grass! Tatonka and YHC already dragging….

Finish at bottom, head up the hill and circle up for EMOM. YHC has done this workout before and several pax remembered.

EMOM for 30 minutes.
Minute 1 10 burpees
Minute 2 20 squats
Minute 3 30 LBCs
Rinse repeat for 30 minutes – 100 burpees, 200 squats, 300 LBCs total

Mosey back home for Mary. White Walker takes over for Mary
Flutters, Erectors, Back Scratchers, Freddie Mercs, Dollies, Dying Cockroaches, Merkins (why not!)

Q school Monday at #theburbs 5:15. We desperately need some new guys to Q. If you’ve been coming more that a month or so you are ready to Q!
Golf tourney Oct 8 for GCOD
Tclaps to Tatonka for gutting out the doubledown at less than 100%. He definitely worked off last night!
Praise for good surgery results for M-Soul Plane

Awesome work from the PAX. YHC is smoked so I’m going to post this and go curl up in a ball.


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