Emeril’s VQ Backblast from The Station

  • Workout Date - 07/26/2018
  • Q In Charge - Emeril
  • The PAX - Almond Joy, Grrr, Spandex, Perry Mason, Wax On, Kindergarten Cop, Moosehead, Nobars, House, Wally, Courtesy Flush, Zipline, Bob Barker, Training Wheels
  • AO - The Station

This was my VQ at the Station. Iceman did Q school the week before and I felt like I needed to step up and rip the band aid off sooner than later. I wanted to do something run heavy and integrate some speed training!


20 Side Straddle Hop

100 Air Press OYO

Mosey over to the Grrrmuda Triangle and stopped at two locations to complete 30 LBC’s at Bethel United Methodist Church on Arlington and 30 squats at the Bonds Center. This helped get the legs warm and to keep the PAX together.

At the triangle the PAX were instructed to run the big hill first and complete 10 Merkins at the first corner, 10 High Knees at the second and 10 Big Boys at the third. Reverse course hitting the short steep hill and complete the same exercises in reps of 20. Lastly at the triangle reverse course again and complete 30 reps of the same exercises at the three corners. PAX that got finished early were lead through Plank exercise’s by a PAX. Had a 10 count here when the six got in.

Ran back to the Station and stopped at the Bonds Center to complete 30 squats, stopped at the Church at Cannon Street and did Arm Circles until the Six was in. Had a ten count here before we Moseyed back to the Station and had time for Mary with heals to heaven, Dolly and Backscratchers. Someone heard a train whistle as we approached the Circle, but the Q was breathing so hard he never heard it, Allegedly!! We covered right at 3 miles and plenty of speed reps during our time.

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