Embrace The Suck

  • Workout Date - 06/09/2023
  • Q In Charge - Spurrier / One Direction
  • The PAX - Spurrier, One Direction, Iceman, Debit, Barcode, Double Fault, Jordache, Wifi, Mary, Nippler, Freeze Dry
  • AO -

The Thang:
Spurrier debuts as Q (at least until he’s smoked himself)….
SSH 25x.
Imperial Walkers 30x (yes, they were supposed to get faster).
Mosey over to the Fern…up and over the brick walls, round the corner and back again for a little weave around the walls.
Merkins – wide hands 15x.
The Experiment: Plank single-file, first man starts with Merkins 5x, then bunny hop over the Pax to the end of the line, finish with Merkins 5x…..and then Merkins 5x each time you get bunny hopped.
Squeeze the freezing water out of your gloves (first of many).
Mosey down to the pond.
Climb the stairs 3x.
Wheelbarrows 2x (up the hill) at the top: wheelbarrow does Merkins 10x, pusher does Squats 10x. Switch positions and do it again.
Mosey around the pond.
Did we do the stairs again?!!
Mountain Climbers 15x.
Planks and Side planks.

One Direction takes over Q for the back half….
Mosey up the stairs and down on the sidewalk.
On your rear end for Frozen V-Sits, now forever known as POPSICLES.
Popsicle hold for 15, 30, 45 seconds.
Mosey up the hill to the sand for Lunge Walk.
Mosey to parking lot for starting position for Dragon Walks x3 (lots of MumbleChatter and FEBA).
Mosey around the traffic circle.
Diamond push-ups x10.
More Popsicles for 30 seconds.
Spider-Man Push-ups x8 (Pax was weak).
Mosey back to the sand for Side-squats.
Plank-o-rama in the sand.
Sand sprints (under the volleyball net if you want to keep your head) x4.


Good thing the fingers and toes stop hurting once they go numb.
Tire change for Mary.
Good storytelling at Greenfields.
No FNGs this week – get out there and EH your buds.

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