Election Day at the TankYard

  • Workout Date - 11/08/2016
  • Q In Charge - Squints
  • The PAX - Squints (YHC), Gepetto
  • AO -

YHC prepared a beatdown of epic proportions in honor of the Electoral College.  Sadly, the entirity of the Tankyardigans fartsacked or otherwise wussed out, save 2.  Gepetto and YHC did the following:

Warm up: Screw that.  We got straight to work.

The Thang: In honor of the Electoral College, YHC created cards for each state representing their number of Electoral College Votes and, as of 2130 Monday, their anticipated vote (Clearly, this was inaccurate, but that is a beatdown for another day.)

Red States- Squats or Calf Raises

Blue States- Crunches or Big Boys (Thank you, California!)

Undecided/Too Close to Call- Merkins

A Few States were Special:

SC- 9 Burpees

Nebraska and Maine (District Model/Proportional Voting):

Nebraska- Jailbreak

Maine- SSH

All exercises totalled 538 reps, combined.  If you want to know how many of each we did, go look at Real Clear Politics historical Poll Data from 11/7/16 @ 2130… Of course, if you’d shown up, you’d know.

Prayers for our country and for Gepetto transitioning to a new job.



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