Election Day 2020 – UGH!

  • Workout Date - 11/03/2020
  • Q In Charge - PineTar
  • The PAX - Church Lady (R), Whisper (R), Flo (R), WiFi (R), Strange Brew (R), Dr Phil, PunchList, Padre, The Ardvark, YHCHeidi, Peekaboo, Handrail,
  • AO - Pitchfork

Well, 2020 has been rough, and who knows what results of today will bring, but what I do know is the PAX of F3 will still wake up at ridiculous hour several days a week, come together, push each other to get better, lift each other up, lean on each other, and help lead their community, family, and work places and do so to honor God. This will happen no matter the results of the elections being held, and we must stick together no matter what comes of those elections. Be a positive force in your community.

On the lighter side, we worked out butts off and learned some (somewhat) useless presidential trivia, while being serenaded by all different artists singing about the great USA! Church Lady was mesmerized to learn Jimmy Carter is a 6th cousin to Richard Nixon, and that Harry Truman woke up at 5am to get 2 hours of piano in each day. I personally was impressed Grover Cleveland personally answered the White House phone. Interesting stuff.

Trivia related to today’s WO – It was 231 years ago, that George Washington was elected president (only unanimous electoral college vote) – running affiliated with no party (only one to do so). DJ Trump is 74 years old. Sleepy Joe is 77. Trump is the 45th president. Biden could be the 46th. Keep those number in mind


SSH x 23 on my count / Smurf Jacks x 23 omc / Seal Jacks x 23 omc / Plank Jacks x 23 oyo

Mosey to Speedway


7 rounds of the following, with 1 short round at the end to complete the specified reps

Burpees x 10 / BBSU x 10 / BonnieBlair x 6 ea leg / Merkins x 6 / 23 SSH. Take a lap

Trivia was doled out after each lap. Totals reached the numbers noted above, SSH assigned to # of years from first presidency (including warm up jacks), Burpees assigned to Trump’s age, BBSU to Biden’s age, BonnieBlairs to 45th presidency, and merkins to 46th.

ANNC – Palmetto 200 – see Whisper before he sees you

COT – Prayers up for Whisper’s mom to continue healing physically and spiritually, Dexter’s wife gave birth to Esther and all are healthy (praise), Church Lady’s kids Basketball Coach Q – died at 44, left a family, friend Milly, with cancer returning. Our nation.

Pleasure to lead this morning men!