Easing back into the q

  • Workout Date - 12/16/2015
  • Q In Charge - Biofreeze
  • The PAX - Wally and iTunes
  • AO -

My family and I have been dealing bronchitis now for several weeks on top of a Disney vacation, and YHC has been LAZY for the last three weeks. So this q was a good way to get back into things…not what I could call a beatdown.; it was far more like a good workout.

Warm up:


5 Slow count merkins IC

20 good form, slow squats OYO

Main thing:

Mosey to the far side of the track for an escalator:

10 double count lunges, run a lap

10 double count lunges, 20 merkins, run a alp

10 double count lunges, 20 merkins, 30 double count back scratchers , run a lap

10 double count lunges, 20 merkins, 30 double count back scratchers, 40 scorpions (20 per leg)

Mosey to the hill by the track for squat builder: 1 squat at the bottom, backwards run to the top of the hill and do 2 squats. Back down to the bottom for three squats, etc. Up to 10 squats.

Mosey to the playground for pull-ups OYO then over to the picnick shelter for 25 dips OYO. Back for another set of pull-ups OYO. Last set of pull-ups is done with feet up on one of the playground platforms so your body is perpendicular to the ground. All pull-ups were to be AMRAP.

Over to the parking lot for an Alfred-style suicide to work on our girlish figures…suicide all on your tiptoes walking forward to the line in front of you then backwards to the first line. Not to be too girly, we did one merkin for each line. Went up to 13 parking lot lines with 13 merkins.

Time for 7 MOM since we don’t do enough of that either: 20 Freddie Mercury’s IC, 20 heel-touch LBCs IC, then YHC pulled out some slow, core busters: knees up with feet off the ground with hips and knees at 90 degrees each (this is the starting position for this exercise and the next). Without allowing your low back to come off he ground or your pelvis to rock, slowly lower on heel to the ground and return to starting position, alternating sides (20 reps OYO). Next: same starting position. Rotate your leg to the side while maintaining the 90 degree bends at the hip and knee. Don’t allow your pelvis to rock or you low back to lift up. Alternate sides. Focus on using your abs to move your legs and hold everything still (20 reps OYO)…that sucked!

COT: friend of Biofreezef whose sister has cancer and is undergoing chemo and stem cell transplant. She has 2 young sons and the treatment has to be done in Boston. All the unspoken burdens and concerns.


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