Early Round Knockout

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  • Workout Date - 09/18/2014
  • Q In Charge - Flay
  • The PAX - FNG - Sawzawwl, Oedipus, Filet Mignon, Bubba Gump, Latka, Grim Reeper, Satisfry, Iceman
  • AO -

Aye, it’s always good to mix things up a bit. YHC has become known for a few calling cards (Ark Loader, Star Drill, etc) when the Q stick passes my way, but sometimes a little outside inspiration can sometimes go a long way.

With the #PerpetuallyProblematic Main Thang workout splitting to an Early Edition (0515 start) and Late Edition (0530 start), YHC went looking for an open slot in the 0515 to see about helping some early birds find some worms. The #Mumblechatter spun up quickly once the MainThangers realized YHC was coming back to our Swamp Rabbit home, and expectations were high for a Flay Day Special, heavy on the cardio and constantly on the move.

9 brave souls (including 1 FNG and minus the very vocal @Spongebob who is getting very well acquainted with the #fartsack these days) sauntered into the Main Thang #Gloom ready to run.

They had another thing coming. Unfortunately, I had managed to sort through @Hitman’s daily retweet barrage to catch a link to his BB from last week, in which I discovered something beautifully horrible, the 10 x 10.



The 10 x 10

Take it away, Hit:

When calling out the exercise, YHC made eye contact with our local #refusenik (Latka) to gauge his reaction. Let’s just say teeth were gritted and YHC’s sanity was put into question, so we were on the right track.

About halfway through, the Late Thang PAX started showing up and were invited to join in. They kindly declined. #goodidea

As we barreled towards the end @Iceman began to go full Bunyan Pentecostal (#TankYardTerm) and was speaking in tongues.

Once done, and thoroughly #smoked, we still had 35 minutes to go! Fantastic!


Mosey to the Amphitheater Stage and circle up for Mary.


Flutters x 20 IC

Dollies x 20 IC

Backscratchers x 20 IC

Heals to heaven x 20 IC

Plank/shoulder touch x 20 IC

Plankorama (regular, right arm/leg high, regular, left arm/leg high, regular, low plank hold)

By this point, the guys realized we might not be running much. I then confirmed it

Short mosey over to the rails (@Ice tried to pitstop in Wyche Pavilion but was admonished to keep moving)


Supine pullups


@Ice finally comes out with the realization that this isn’t your typical Flay Day session. #whatwasyourfirstclue?

Much #mumblechatter and discussion of Pickens County Tech’s chances against Chief Osceola’s Warriors now that Tweedle-Dumb (aka Jameis) is out for a half. Resident #kittykatfan (Latka) response: “Yeah they’ll probably kill us anyway.” If @DREDD reads this: the trend of depressed Clemson fans continues. This probably means that they’ll destroy America’s Team in the season finale, but we can enjoy it for now.

Skeleton until everybody’s done. #oldiebutgoodie

@Ice was complaining about no legs. Ok then, cowboy. Mosey back to the grassy knoll

Dan Taylor

1 squat/4 slow lunge ratio on Q’s count all the way up to 10 squats/40 lunges


Mosey back up to the plaza. Grab a chair and some space on the low wall

Modified Jack Webb Pyramid

1 dip/4 chair press ratio on Q’s count. Up to 5 dips/20 presses and back down

… and done.



  • Good times. YHC has been so focused on running in the lead up to BRR that I’m in desperate need of a bunch of, well, everything else. Saturday’s merkinfest with @Dredd confirmed that YHC’s core and upper body have been neglected. I was shooting for a full body beatdown, and I feel like we at least got close. Hopefully the curve ball wasn’t too much of a jolt.
  • Mostly new (to me) faces for this session. Always a good sign. Great to meet, Filet Mignon, Oedipus, Bubba Gump, and FNG Sawzawwl (apparently that’s a word).
  • Shoutout to FNG Sawzawwl (apparently that’s a word). Brother showed up to what was decidedly NOT an FNG-friendly workout and powered through. #tclaps to you, brother. Looking forward to seeing you back out there.
  • Quotes from the gloom: Flay – “I told y’all I was gonna try something different.” Latka – “Yeah let’s not try that again.” #missionaccomplished
  • 2nd F event in the works for 11/1. Save the date, and details will be out soon.
  • Anderson Launch on 10/18. NEED AS MANY EMAILS AS WE CAN GET


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