Early Edition Cheer Squad

  • Workout Date - 10/20/2015
  • Q In Charge - Spongebob
  • The PAX - San Diago, Domer Simpson, Twerkin, Stewie, Caviar, Slim, Dollywood, Latka
  • AO -

9, that’s right…9 showed up for Early edition today.  Temps are getting cold, but the hearts are warm with the desire to improve ourselves.  Plus, we’re right at that point where you don’t want to turn the heat on in the house cause it may get warm again, so, really, it’s not that warm in the house.

Warm up
SSH X 15
IW X 15
Burpees X 10 OYO to get warm

The ThangRun North up Main, stop 2 blocks up
Superman Merkins X 15
Mosey up to the Parking garage by Mast General and Pair up

Dora 2-4-6
200 X Squats
400 X LBCs
600 X Flutters
Partner 1 Exercises, Partner 2 runs up 7 flights of stairs….flip flop until the team gets through the total exercises

Superman Merkins X 15 to get the HR down

At this time, Latka lets the PAX know about his plan to start a Cheerleading Squad out of his basement.  Please let anyone know who might be interested?

Mosey back South down Main
Stop 2 blocks down
Lunges X 15

Mosey back to flags

Dips X 15
Bulgarian Split Squats X 10 each leg

Don’t remember the details, but we did some slow count Russian Twists, some 6-inches, and some dead Cockroaches.

Naked Moleskin
– F3 Camp
– F3 Golf is 50 weeks away, get your teams together
– Come tailgate with Spongebob and San Diago at Spinx RunFest to cheer on the PAX running
– Prayers for Domer Simpson and Family for upcoming court case
– Praise for Caviar and not having to Pay for Water
– Prayers for Slim’s Friend’s Child having a Spinal Tap

Go out there and be GREAT

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