DST is of the Devil

  • Workout Date - 03/09/2015
  • Q In Charge - 00 (Double Aught)
  • The PAX - Radar, Wilson, Footloose, Blue Hawaii, Cockroach, SlapChop, Alejandro, Implant, Kotter, Martina, No Strings Attached, Obama, 00
  • AO -

Cranky 00 made an appearance at TheBurbs. Regardless of my personal feelings, the data are clear: DST causes heart attacks. The government is out to kill you, passing it off as some convenience to your schedule. Doesn’t this sound deceptive? On top of all of this interference with my Circadian rhythm, 00’s 2.0s have been telling 00 that they love him via coughs and sneezes in close proximity to his face. With a pounding sinus headache and some sleep deprivation, 00 probably oversteps his bounds by telling the PAX that all of them will pay since no one took the Q.

Warmup – SSH and MC. This is not inflicting enough pain. Off to

The Thang

On the way, Radar states – I assume we are headed to the blocks. Your assumption is correct.

Partner up and grab a block
Round 1 – first partner does six inches while block-wielding partner does Manmakers. Manmakers continue until partner drops the feet to the ground. Flapjack
Break – Run to stairs for Joseph H. Hendricks, III, or Joe Hendricks with merkins on the stairs. While you wait your turn, do some squats or one-legged deadlifts.
At some point, we did burpee broad jumps between the speed bumps with a lunge walk back. Russian Twists IC while the Six shows up for

Round 2 – More Manmakers – Do Manmakers with the block while your partner does 200 100 50 squats. Flapjack
After the PAX complete the round, more JHH, III. #crowdpleaser

Round 3 – More Manmakers – while your parter does 50 merkins…you get the idea. Flapjack
After that, more JHH,III – YHC attemps a Peter Parker while doing the Joe Hendricks, but this was met with mixed reviews/success.

10 burpees OYO, put the blocks up, then Indian Run to the circle for some Mary

In & Outs IC x 20
Russian Twists IC x 10
Makhtar N’Dyiaes IC x ???
Plank Shoulder Touches x ???
Hipslappers x ???

Called it

COT – Prayer for Golden’s Dad and all those with serious illness.

Moleskin – Probably should have welcomed the new-ish Pax more warmly, but let’s be honest, I really want to encourage others to take the Q. The Newbies did well. The Oldies are well aware of my love for Joe Hendricks. I will say that Blue Hawaii indicated at some point that he was there to work out (implying that we were not). Therefore, as soon as I figure out how to integrate a concrete block with a Joe Hendricks, you will have him to thank.



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