Dropping in on the Halfpipe

  • Workout Date - 03/08/2016
  • Q In Charge - Blades
  • The PAX - Alfred, Slick Willy, Grrrr, Highway Man, Shep, I-tunes, Ricky Bobby, Erector, Perry Mason, Mr. Head, Cockroach, No Bars, Scooner-Evan Brown, Blades
  • AO -

EC/Prerun: 4 guys got a little extra work in before the workout.

the Virtual Shovel flag was planted and we where off
Warm Up:

SSH X 20
Mt. Climbers X 15


Jog down Church to Austin St.

7’s with Hand Release Merkins on the corner of Church and Austin and Jump squats on the corner of Austin and on 1 end and Jump Squats on the corner of Austin and Highland. Everytime you get to the bottom of the pipe 3 Burpees.

Some Mary was done while waiting on the 6

Head to the Cannon Centre for some quick people’s chairs and we where off again to Cannon St. Did some lunge walking and running to grab some ledge for at the entrance of the park

7’s with dips and box jumps. Planked waiting on the 6 and then a short jog to the field to finish up with Suicides.

1 Set of suicides and threw in some bear crawls and then Jail Break to finish the workout.

Awesome job by everybody today. especially ALfred, Grrrr, and No bars throwing it down and getting some extra miles in before the workout. Last week was the first time I had been at the station for a while and a lot of new faces and fun guys to workout with. fast guys. Highway man was killing it today and welcome Schooner. He has some wheels on him.

Prayers for everybody that has injuries and hope to see everybody back out in a speedy manner
Rucking at the end of April in Asheville. they got all different levels so sign up
ACCOUNTABILITY: bring some goals that you have for the year and bring it.
Prayers for Erector and his family.
GCOD meal training is happening. Sign up!

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