Dr. Strangelove or "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Block"

  • Workout Date - 06/30/2016
  • Q In Charge - Whoopee
  • The PAX - Mr. Burns, Brownshorts, Padre (Almost), BOGO, Abacus, Whittle (Mega-Respect) WD, Slug, Gluten (Respect), Late for Supper, Clapper, Youkilis, Seal, Fargo (Respect), Quaker (Respect), Depends, Taylor Swift (Hate) WB, 12th Man, Carls Jr (Respect), Whoopee (YHC)
  • AO -

This morning was a nice June morning for South Carolina with low (relatively) humidity and a cool 65 degrees. I think that is where the niceness ended.

Nineteen pax suffered through a block party.

Here’s what went down:


Abe Vigoda’s/Slow Windmills
Crab Cakes
Squat Thrust aka Burpees with no jumps or merkins x 30
Carolina Dry Dock x 15
Mountain Climbers x 20 something
Air Presses x 30

The Main Thang

Mosey to block pile, everyone grab a block
Mosey with said block to driveway for
Squats at the bottom of the hill, run uphill 75 yards for decline hand release merkins on your block 6/1, 5/2, etc……
This was tough running that distance with the block – YHC had considered 11’s but that would have been (more) insane.

Plank up while everyone finishes – some arms and legs high on each side, pax chair with block extended for a 15 count

Mosey around the parking lot about 75 yards for 25 flutterkicks with bricks extended overhead (watch the dental work fellas)

Mosey some more (uphill now) – at this point moseying with a cinderblock is becoming a serious drag, more #mumblechatter ensues

Stop for
Gas Pumps with block overhead x 20
Dolly with block overhead x 20
Offset 4 count merkins with one hand on block x 9; rinse repeat for other hand

Mosey back to flag for
Tricep Extension with block x 15 or 20

Mosey to block pile to put up blocks

Back to Flag for 5 MOM

Heels to Heaven x 25
American Hammer x a lot
Big Boy Situps x 10
Burpees x 10
among others……

Naked Moleskin

– Clapper and Seal took the 7’s on and were strong during that event T-claps

– YHC mentioned “find a happy place” during the long set of American Hammers. Seal has an odd definition of happy place. What happens at Powderkeg stays at Powderkeg. #DrStrangelove

– If you owe Seal money for shirts, please don’t pay – he has been on a diet of ramen noodles and was surprisingly gastrointestinally calm during today’s workout.

– Somewhat unbelievably, no blocks were hurt or otherwise damaged during the making of this workout.

– Running with coupons is #sucktastic and brings out mega #mumblechatter.

– Carl’s Jr always wondered what 30 squat/leg thrusts would be like and now we know

– Don’t wear pins or nametags around Taylor Swift – you will be ridiculed

Wren AO Launch – 5:30 Monday July 4th, Slug will Q, bring a timing device

Easley Firecracker 5k 7:30 am

Yard Sale for Mission Teams, Trinity Point Baptist 7am Saturday – Donations accepted and shoppers needed

July 23rd – Convergence at Star Command; SwampRabbit/Spartanburg/Rock Hill AO’s


Powdersville kids in need of foster family – contact Dohmer Simpson

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